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Bike won't cut out when i turn the key off???????


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Hi Guy's,

For some reason my bike has now decided that it doesn't want to turn off?

The bike is electric start only and starts fine once the ignition key is turned on, but when i turn the key to off, the enginge just keeps running?

It has never done this before, it does not have a kill switch/button and has always turned off by the key.

Any ideas what could be the cause of this please?

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Hi if the lights go off when you turn the key then l doubt it's electrical, more than likely your motor suffering from a term called pre ignition. First check the condition of your spark plug, make sure the tip is not burnt, if the plug runs to hot it can ignite the fuel before the spark is called for hence the motor will continue to run despite you switching off the engine. There's a read up here that go's into it a little bit further.

http://ngkntk.co.uk/index.php/technical ... ion-range/

A quick check if it possible is to try and remove the plug cap whilst the motor is still running, be careful not to burn yourself.

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out of interest, how do you shut it off then? Do you have to deliberately stall it?

Yep, the easiest way would be to stall it, clutch in select gear, squeeze up the front and rear brake and clutch out.

here's a run away diesel engine for you


Unlike an overheated spark plug or other which causes the problem a petrol engine. leaking engine oil into the cylinder through a broken seal or worn piston rings is the cause of the problem here on the diesel hence the smoke. These runaways keep going until they burn up all the engine oil or size.

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