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£100 Sat Nav

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I bought a case online for £8 and i use my old car sat nav a 10+year old tomtom. I can't hear it but i use it for reference mostly. Just mounts on the handlebars where i have a cigarrette charger.

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If you want a bike specific - then the Garmin Zumo 550 sells for that kind of price and you should get the powered mount plus other bits and pieces with it. just keep an eye on eBay. especially after christmas when people sell their old gear after getting something shiny and new as a gift.

or theres this: http://tinyurl.com/mwp4d33 which will probably end up selling for well under £100

According to the website the Zumo 500 series (500/550) are both still supported.

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Hi if you've got a decent phone download Co pilot and buy a mount and power supply and fix it to the bike. Music phone calls ans sat nav works a treat


Co pilot is the nuts. £20 for the navigation, £10 for a waterproof case, £10 for my usb carger and £5 for a suction mount (which I superglue'ed to the inside of the windshield) so total of £45 and no faffing with additional devices.

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does this co pilot eat into your internet allowance, sounds like a good idea if it doesn't.

If you plan your route at home it doesn't........but even if you're out and about once it's plotted the route that's it.......I've certainly not had issues with it rinsing my data allowance...... 8-)

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this co pilot app i have a question its got 2 add ons to buy and both say voice and 3d maps but one is £6.99 and one £12.99, which add on did you guys buy and did anyone use it through blue tooth on a intercom?

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I bought copilot Premium UK & Ireland.......the only addon that I saw was the Live Traffic, which warns of delays on the route and reroutes if it's a major holdup.

I use mine with a bluetooth headset, which works pretty good.

I see that Copilot Premium UK & Ireland is 30% off until 5th Jan.......£13.99.....gotta be a bargain...... 8-)

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