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Lexmoto XTRS 125 (2014) Wont start

Guest JKRhodes

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Hi guys, new to the forum

Tried to start my bike this morning, however wouldn't turn over,

when i used the ignition switch it sounds like its trying to turn over but just doesnt

open the choke on it but it will not turn over,

lights come on (ride with them on all the time)

the N light is on so its in neutral

Annnnyone have any ideas?

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To clarify, can you actually hear the starter motor trying to turn the engine over, or just a clicking noise? If it's the latter then it could be the solenoid, the one on my Lexmoto has a tendency to rust.

Failing that, worth checking the connection between the carb and the cylinder head. The rubber on mine split on one occasion, that didn't exactly make for easy starts (or anything else, for that matter).

Either problem would be more likely to happen as the cold and wet sets in, so they're probably worth a check.

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Thank you for the reply,it sounds like the starter motor is trying.....best way I can describe it would be an old car Tring to start while your applying the accelerateor.

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Never mind!!!! My own stupidly, I knocked the kill switch last night hense it making all the right noises but not starting.....feel like a right muppet but glad it runs!

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