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YBR125 knocking


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Well the other problems are fixed. It starts and runs fine but now I have a new problem.

When first started the bike sounds smooth enough, bit of valve noise and cam chain whir but nothing else.

However after a few minutes riding and when changing down gears the bike makes a grinding noise. If you slip the clutch a bit when changing down the bike makes a clack, clack clack noise until you pull the clutch in. When stopped and the clutch pulled in the noise goes but there is still a scraping noise.

When I bought the bike I thought it was just the chain and sprockets..... The chain was almost hanging off! But even now tensioned and greased it still happens.

Oil has just been changed (no metal in it) and there was plenty in when I bought it. Cam chain tensioner has been inspected and reset.

Gears changed smoothly.

To be honest I can live with it and shall do until it dies but would rather fix it. I'm hoping it's the clutch bearing but I'm no convinced. Any ideas?


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Tell me about it! Problem is I need to run it now and at least recover something from the piece of crap. 6 months and the fuel saving (over the car) will pay for the bike.... If it lasts that long.

I've adjusted the clutch and it is Unadjustable. It's either engaged or disengaged there is no in between. If you apply the smallest and I mean smallest amount of pressure to the lever it slips. Although I came across as incompetent with the EFI stuff I'm quite competent with other mechanics :-) Sometimes I just need someone with some experience to shine some light on the problem.



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pull the clutch apart and check it out

one of the clutch spring bolts could have come out and thats what could be scraping

I have had this on my TL the actual spring post snapped on mine

also when they go you have less tension on the clutch plates allowing them to slip easier

its the 4 bolts in the middle I'm talking about


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