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Honda CBR1000f (1987-99)

A Heavy Sake Jar

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What model was it? CBR1000f (1989) - the final 'Hurricane'.

When did you buy it and how much did it cost?

bought Oct'14 for £900 (39,000miles)

Good points?

Excellent engine especially for its age.

Very comfy and fairing and screen do a good job on protection from wind/water. A fairly upright riding position. I doesn't feel like a big bike, I was surprised when I first got on it.

Plenty of power and handles well ( I use Battlax 023’s).

Super smooth engine, hardly any vibration making for turbine like power delivery. Power spread is excellent for a 'sports tourer' easy to ride around town and can comfortably 'meet' the various regulatory speed limits.

An excellent bike for 2 up use.

All the engineering & reliability as you’d expect from a Honda.

Bad points?

Some have said it’s heavy, but I had many years off a bike so I was not shocked by the weight. (225kg dry).

Not so good on fuel around the city, 120miles from a 21L tank. but outtatown, the fuel economy is very good for an engine of this size.

No centre stand.

Would you get another?

No, I’ll get something more recent. my intention is to get a CB1100EX or VFR, if I can keep this one as well, I will. They are great bikes and would serve as a great 2nd bike - winter ride.

Any other comments?

I hadnt ridden in years and spent months researching what would be a good bike to reconnect to 2 wheels on. A sports tourer of 1000cc was not on my radar. However,as said earlier, after sitting on it, it wasn’t a ‘big bike’. I’m only 5’8 and 80kg, but I felt comfortable on it. It doesnt have the fear of god acceleration and I knew that as long as I respected the bike and didnt go stupid on it, I should be ok.

I see many people asking what bike would be suitable bike to get after a period of time off. If you have a budget circa £1000, I thoroughly recommend a CBR1000f.

Reliable, not too high on insurance, fun and sensible and allows growth in confidence AND ABILITY!!

I definitely give the CBR1000f the :thumb: .

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