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Labyrinthitis - how long off two wheels?

A Heavy Sake Jar

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anyone on here had Labyrinthitis, and if so, how long was it before you got back on the bike.

I'm 11 days with it now and still not ready to ride.

I've tried a lap around the block, but it didnt feel right. especially on junctions and going over bumpy terrain. :roll: :mrgreen:

for those who've had it, how did you know you were ready?

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First time I had it, it lasted 6 months. Second and last time was 2 weeks. I'd rather have gonnohorea than that again.

Its like feeling drunk without the drinking part. Horrible thing.

I was prescribed a drug called Serc and that worked the second time.

You have my full sympathy.

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It's an inner ear problem that affects your balance. As it's a virus it can't be treated with antibiotics......it just needs to run its course..... :shock: When I had it the only thing that I could take was travel sickness pills to try to help with the symptoms..... :(

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I've had this, it is an inner ear imbalance, the 2nd time I had it it was investigated using MRI scan as it can also be ( rarely ) a brain problem. The consultant explained it to me like this, all the signals from your systems of muscles, eyes, ears, get processed in the cerebellum, then if alls well get sent upstairs, if there is an error, say when your on a ship, the signals from yours muscles & ears say ' we're moving' but your eyes say not, problem, result brain has a strop & you feel sea sick. The imbalance in your inner ear is permanent, the cerebellum has to ' learn' the new signals, obviously this can take a while. Two drugs Beta Histines help with slowing further imbalance & production of fluids in the inner ear, Stemstil works on the brain to suppress feelings of sickness & dizzyness ( a powerful drug also used for Schizophrenia )

Avoid caffeine & alcohol, hope you feel better soon mate

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I have ENT problems (genetic) and I've had labyrithnitis twice. Both times it lasted about 3 weeks and sometimes I still get the odd dizzy moment and I can't do certain activities (e.g. fairground rides) or else I "spin out". If I avoid those activities though, I'm fine. It's all about adjusting your lifestyle to find what works.

You can really speed up your recovery by doing Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises. Look them up on Google, they will really help. If you go to your GP, you can ask for VRT (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy).

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