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Lexmoto Arrow Review


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Hi all,

Lets start of with "lexmoto" just re-brand and sell other bikes with their name on it, so truly I doubt to see how this can be a review of a bike that in theory doesn't belong to the person it claims to be.

Secondly, and most importantly, but it from a dealership with a good reputation and one that's close to your house, a good reputation because someone who has been in the business a while and knows the common problems with these machines will have no problem in telling you the truth about them, and a close dealership because even from brand new these machines can brake down unexpectedly.

I will add that the only reason I am able to work overtime and earn any form of income is because I rely on my motorbike to get me to and from work, and as a first motorbike and commuter this bike is brilliant for the small towns and fitting through the gaps in traffic (if you're confident enough at riding).

Lets just get this out the way;


- Cheap £849.99 (brand new without registration fee - 21/12/2014)

- Between £8-10 petrol to get a full tank (21/12/2014 £1.16 aprox).

- Petrol last between 60-100mpg (varied reviews).

- Parts are available (weekdays only) for next day delivery from (CMPO or lexter via ebay).

- Overall cheap running costs.

- Naked style all parts exposed (easy to learn how to fix and what part works what).

So all in all the motorbike is cheap, budgetable for someone who only works part time and is cheap to insure, what could possible be a negative?


- Owned the motorbike for a total of 9 days (broke down, failed electrics - massive credit to the dealership for getting it fixed so quickly).

- Nuts/bolts are generally easy to come lose (to the point of being able to be adjusted by hand).

- Mirrors are often coming loose mid-ride, not safe in the dark winter (tighten them as much as possible).

- Gears are a HUGE pain, 1st to 2nd gear often gets stuck and leaves you costing reving it high without realising, also can often end up with a black gear indicator (not netrual, not in gear).. don't ask (it's common).

Generally the bike looks nice and is very big for a 125cc, people often comment on how nice it looks, when it works it's a brilliant machine, not fast but does the job, sure people overtake you in there cars while your riding at the 30mph speed limit but you get used to it, you really do need to keep on top of looking after the bike, but things can still go wrong.

As stated above my electrics failed after buying it brand new 9 days after owning it, turns out there must of been a loose connection somewhere as un-plugging and re-plugging fixed it (at this point you should really think, if a motorbike can fail this soon with such a small issue, the build quality becomes questionable.

It can be a pain, and has knocked my confidence in riding just because I can't start my bike in the morning and now that it's still in solid working order the same night.

These bikes are the budget end of the market, however, talking to people who know these bikes inside out and have owned them for a while has helped me with the mechanical knowhow, if it comes down to this or the buses, I chose this bike all day long.

Make sure you carry a light, spanners, and electric tape with you at all times and you'll be fine (fix small things).

Any questions related to the bike feel free to ask, I'm more than happy to help.

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I'd be interested to see if you have anything to add in a few thousand miles. Aside from the usual war to keep rust at bay and one design oversight that I had to resolve myself, my Lexmoto is a tough little sod :lol: Hope you continue to enjoy it!

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I'd be interested to see if you have anything to add in a few thousand miles. Aside from the usual war to keep rust at bay and one design oversight that I had to resolve myself, my Lexmoto is a tough little sod :lol: Hope you continue to enjoy it!


I do have some ACF-50 to prepare the bike for the battle against the road salt, slight rust at the top of the downpipe in small patches, battling to clean it off.

The bikes are certainly forgiving and holding up well in the worse of weathers, I look forward to providing slow and steady updates.

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I just bought one of these to commute to work on. I was not expecting too much for my second hand price of 429. Its very slow of course but i was expecting that too as its only a 125cc and a push rod engine. but having ridden it twice now i think it should be accelerating alot better then it is at the moment. top speed seems ok. Its just the very slow pull away from the lights that seems wrong. Can anyone give me advice on this problem? I was just going to service it and see if that helps?.

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