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Clutch cable adjustment


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Long story short.

Took the front sprocket cover off for the first time to clean it (f**kin' filthy) now having never done this i used my haynes manual which showed very little info on how to remove anything so i just winged it taking anything and everything off. Now it came to a cable at the top so i started to un-tighten it and after 10 minutes i realised it was going nowhere. At this point i tried to pry the case off and with a tug it came free and i noticed the cable i was loosening had a locking nut inside to prevent it being undone. (see picture it's the bit sticking out at the top http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/ ... eVlUFQ.jpg)

Now this cable goes up into the clutch lever so i adjsuted it make to where it FELT right. But on a ride out yesterday it kept sticking at certain revs in certain gears. Now is there a way to tell where is the correct adjustment? Or is it just a case of adjusting testing adjusting testing?

On a plus side the front sprocket and surrounding area is nice and clean! so much gunk..

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Adjust the clutch at the bottom to take the slack out of the cable, and adjust the top to position where it bites, keep going back and forth as needed.

Typically have it so the clutch doesn't start to bite until the lever is at least a third of the way out. This gives you movement either end to ensure the clutch isn't sticking.

If you need help, whack some pictures up or PM me with pics and I'll try and help as much as possible as I've adjusted more clutches than I've tied shoelaces. :lol:

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although you need to set the worm drive (the bit the cable attaches to at the bottom end) this needs setting as per the manual

make sure you get it right!

but wind the adjuster in at the top and take the slack on the bottom as fozzie says

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as long as you dont take it apart and set it as per manual then you will have no problems with it!

if you are having problems with it then your setting it wrong

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