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Aprilia rs125 race bike build

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Well few month back i was building a road one of these and had two cb500 race bikes well all 3 of them bike have sold, sorted my self out and now wanted another project just for me as my 500s was to do with my dad and with him having one of my 500s then selling it due to use falling out, want to get on track on my own.

Seen a rs125 on ebay 10mins up road from me, missing engine and body work which i didnt mind, so i didnt bid on it on ebay, as thought it would not sell, but a bloke bid on it, but ended up not showing so went and got it, for £150 girl friend payed £100 and her mum and dad £50, i have also spent £50 on few little bits to clean it and rub frame down,

Done a bit of work to it cut top yoke down, cut engine mounts down, fitted my new clip ons i had, new throttle, new grips, new kill switch, made a clock bracket for a rev counter i got, will also get a temp gauge, both are made by TTO nice and small, also made a bracket for the brake bottle to bolt to,

Started rubbing frame down getting any little marks out of that i can, but now going to strip bike down this week so can just work on frame, hope to have frame done by end of week, after xmas will get all bits powerd coated and bolts plated,








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Please note this was written on the 17/12/14

Was working on the bike till 11:30pm last night (16.12.14) sorting stuff out so can get it to were it needed to go today.

I have taken some bits for P C

Sorted 8 Bags out items out for plating and polishing, didnt manage to take them today, hopfully get there friday.

Took my forks to bike shop i use, they have small pits on them he said will clean them up, but im unsure if to get legs rechromed and get the legs and top legs gold anodised for the ohlins look. Also took my wheels to this bloke to remove tyres and remove rear disc as bolts started to round off, he going to stick bit of heat on them to get them out.

Took my frame and swing arm to be vapour blasted on the inside so will look new on the inside and i will make it nice and shiny on the out side.

Been in touch with a bloke, for titanium bolts, nuts and washers, written them all down what i need for each part of the bike so far and need 118 items, there will be more once i start on the engine and few other bits.

Also rang a company up who makes frames and other ali parts, spoke to him about making me a ali subframe and clock bracket, told me to go down after xmas with what im after making so will be doing that


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Little update (22.12.14)

Got my frame back from been vapour blasted, good service found bloke on ebay, only 20mins up road, and turned it round in 1day £80 for frame and swing arm doing, most places ask £40-£50 just for a set of engine cases doing, Just got to rub it all down and polisher it up, dont think will be much left of my hands by time i done it.

Also i was not happy with the forks from the bike, so went to bike breakers down road from me Motobreakers, His lad dose a few races in BSB James or Jimmy Rose. Also got front wheel splindle as threads on mine was not very good, also bottom yoke as i damaged mine £110 laster,

Took all bits for plating and polihing, looking at around 5 weeks for them so wont get owt done till they come back.

Orded some head stock bearing and frame rubbers, for seat unit and top chain slider

Also got my self 118 items of titanium, £245 later Think there will still be around 50-70 items still to get, want the spindles making and engine bolt but cant find any were to do them, any one know a place? Got all bolts for shocker linkage, but one bolt had to be a 1.25 thread so just got nut to match which will be fine.

Few pictures, going to have a go at polishing frame befor xmas










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Ya not cheap one bolt cost just over 10quid and the cheapest was 95p which was a m5 washer.

I have tryed then that got some very long bolts 255mm but i want it 200mm but they carnt mod it for me.

Thanks chaps. It will be slow going for a bit as waiting on around 5 weeks for splindles and bushers.

Hoping by end of feb will all be done as a rolling chassic then will on to buying a engine and tuning the fuk out of it.

Getting a ali rad made with built in gap after xmas and a ali clock/front body work stay and rear subframe, they will save alot of weight.

For the aprilia rs125 you get get a set of SP wheels which are mag. They are around 2-3kg lighter then stock wheels after a set of them but very hard to get.



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