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The loud click......was this when you thumbed the starter button? Could be that your battery is a bit low.

Low tyre pressures can affect the handling and the feel of the bike, as can cold tyres on wet roads. Is the rear tyre squared off? Also check your wheel bearings and swing arm bearings for play......and make sure the wheel nuts are tight.

You should be ok just topping the brake fluid up......but, as it's gone low, you may want to check the condition of your brake pads as they may be low too.

Good luck.

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I've had a few bikes that make a loud click and others that make various strange noises. As long as it's starting on the button, don't worry about it. I know it's been icy around where I am at the moment so could answer your handling problems. Brakes just top up usually with dot 4 but check your handbook or online just in case. And as someone else mentioned, keep an eye on your pads if the brake fluids getting low. Very cheap to buy and easy to do yourself if you take your time.

If you're new to riding, really take care in this weather mate, and make sure you're tyre pressure is perfect before you ride.

Happy New Year.

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