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My Favorite Xmas Pressie :D

Guest petrolhead1989

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Mine happened to be a beautiful daughter...

born on 22nd.. weighing just 1lb 1oz...

We have named her Amelia Hope...

Bad news is, Yes she is very small.. Due to pregnancy complications..

She was born via Cesarean, 3 months premature.. Just 26 weeks into pregnancy..

Unfortunately, she is currently on Life support machine, unable to breath for herself due to not having fully developed lungs,

Also she was born without a stomach.. So will be unable to eat / digest solid foods for life..

Resulting in her needing to spend the next 6 months to 1 year in hospital, and needing multiple operations...

She is 8" long, her hand is about the size of a 5p coin (finger tips to palm), Her head is inbetween the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball..

But she is absolutely beautiful.. :D

We named her Middle name as 'hope' as its meaningful, as obviously, as you'd expect.. Everyone hopes a full and healthy recovery for her...

Best christmas present anyone could ever wish for :D




Id really like to thank The Rosie Birth Center in cambridge, as thats where Amelia is.. They are doing an amazing job at keeping my daughter safe and making her healthier day by day..

Also thankyou to The Sick Childrens Trust.. The organisation that have been amazing, as supplied a family housing room within the hospital, for me and my girlfriend to stay, as long as we need, so that we are literally two seconds away from Amelia at all times..

Thankyou very much...

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I hope she does ok mate.

My mates youngest daughter was around the same size when she was born.......she's 12 years old now. Unfortunately since my mate passed away I've lost touch with his wife and daughter......but the last time I saw her, she was thriving. Her first months of life were also in the Rosie.......the care she received there was phenomenal.

Best wishes for you all.

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Thankyou everyone for your kind words :)

Amelia had more tests today, brain tests and blood tests specifically, as they were concerned about potential brain damage.

All tests came back perfectly fine. :D

Me and my partner were standing beside her incubator today, whispering to her, she heard us and opened her eyes to us!!!

I really cannot believe the amount of help, and the extraordinary lengths the rosie hospital and the Funding for our family housing have gone to, to help us, especially during the time that my partner is unable to currently drive...

Id really like to pay them back, to show my gratitude..

Also, Upon arrival to see our daughter this morning.. We walked in to find amelia surrounded by teddy bears of "get well soon", muslin blankets and really sweet items, which are believe to be given to her by the local biker charity run..

So to the fellow bikers that were very generous to my poorly daughter.. I thank you very very much

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