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Practicality of a helmet camera?

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One of the main reasons I got into riding a motorbike was because of "vloggers" on youtube as well of being a childhood passion of course.

Now that I'm on the road (or temporary of the road because of snow/ice), I just wanted to ask what the practicality of a helmet camera was?

I have some slight interest in wanting to try vlogging when I get more confident riding early next year, but didn't want to invest in a camera solely based on this idea (as I've done similar things with technology before and now have un-used expensive gadgets).

Insurance claims being another useful reason to have one for example, any others?

+ If anyone uses a helmet camera what's the difference between riding with and or without one (first transitioning/using one).

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I have a drift ghost HD and love it. It was weird riding with one for the first time as i mounted it on the side of my helmet due to the sun visor lever being on top of mine. I don't like to ride without it now, it looks good, it does everything that i want it to do. I'd seriously go for it, i haven't taken up vLogging but i would quite like to get an internal mic.

Personally i would mount the camera on the top of my lid, just need a new lid now :)!

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I have a drift ghost HD and love it.

I don't like to ride without it now, it looks good, it does everything that i want it to do.


If it wasn't for the price of lids I'd upgrade myself as mine doesn't even have a pinlock let alone a sun visor.

I guess this just cements that it's a worthwhile investment when the time is right.

Not sure if you watch "motovlog's" but there is a youtuber "RoadcraftNottingham" that recommended a microphone that was less than £3 and was meant to be worth every penny.

Only annoying thing about the Drift HD is it has a 2.mm as opposed to a 3.5mm headphone jack, just means one more small external plug.

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I do Watch Russ 'roadcraft Nottingham' however he hasn't uploaded much recently

I watch quite a few different vloggers


Agreed, last one being the clips for a rainy day if I remember correctly, this time of year there really isn't a great deal of enjoyment to be had while out on the roads (unless there's some sun, like today, and this week predicted) more about not coming of and avoiding ice as much as possible.

Think the vloggers from Australia, america and Canada have more content at this time of year due to the sun.

There can never be enough videos to watch, even if some are repeats.

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