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Huge Dilemma

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I'm faced with a life changing decision and don't know which way I should go with it, so I'm here to ask for advice...

Should my new jacket match my bike or not? :lol:

I can either get it in red:


Or in grey:


I started out looking at the GS Dry Jacket in red because I like the styling with the red sleeves and flanks and then muted colours for the central portions... but the 670% price difference saw me go straight back to my usual supplier to see if they did something similar, and sure enough they do! :mrgreen: The grey one uses the same styling cues but looks less awesome... but it'd be more likely to go with future bikes. I can't see myself rushing out to get another red bike.

Whaddya reckon? Who else has matching gear?

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Don't do it!

Colour coordinating is a slippery slope - first it's the jacket, then it's the curtains, cushions, etc, etc.

Plus, who really cares? Get grey, it'll go with whatever bike you get in the future.

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Anyway Ollie......if you get a jacket to match your bike, the sleeves will fall of it and you'll need an angle grinder to get it off..... :wink: :lol: :lol:


Hahahahaha, well one of the other jackets I looked at had removable sleeves, so...


you need to ask the boffins on a BMW forum to see if either of them are up to their standard first :P


HAH! That's the hardest I've laughed in 2014 :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure their expert opinion would be that anything without a white and blue logo and less than £250 just isn't worth it...

I already trust this brand, bought all my current gear from them. Already thrown more rain at the waterproofing than could reasonably be expected and tested out how it performs while skidding down the road :lol:

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My GS is indeed one of the lesser-spotted squintless breed :crybaby:

Leaning towards the red one. The contrast is nicer, and at £65, I can just buy a new one if it doesn't match my next bike... Just trying to choose a set of trousers to go with it. Not many of their current range have hip padding, which is a bugger.

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I've never paid full price for any of my bike gear.......some is new and some secondhand......it is possible to get decent kit without breaking the bank...... :wink: Shop around Ollie and see if there's any decent 2ndhand gear about..... 8-)

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I was getting rather carried away with sale shopping for some rather nice stuff that I probably don't need, until Crystal pointed out that none of it would protect me if I go off a cliff or under a bus which are the only real on-road dangers that my current gear doesn't allow for! The only extra bell/whistle I'm thinking about now is some extra support for my right knee because it's properly dodgy :lol:

Already gave fleaBay a look and at £60, the jacket above is as good a price as most other stuff is second hand. Will give second hand a second look if I go for flashier stuff at a later date.

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I've got a red a black jacket and a blue bike, then I've got blue and silver 2 piece leathers, and I've got grey and black motocross gear. :D

I don't really care if it matches my bike if I like it I buy it.

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Ollie is there anything like a 2nds type shop, there's one in Dudley, westmidlandsmotorcycle on Brettell Lane ( yep I know that's miles from you ) they do new & 2nds, I've bought various 2nds from them & all that's wrong is say the stitching isn't quite parallel somewhere or the colouring just off in a place but other than that good to go for maybe half price.

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