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New security chain setup

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After years of wanting to buy an Almax chain, tonight I finally stumped up the cash and bought a complete setup - new ground anchor, padlock and 16mm chain...none of which was from Almax :lol:

I went for this package from Pragmasis: http://securityforbikes.com/proddetail. ... 6-x.x-SS65

The padlock is exactly the same one that Almax use, and the the ground anchor is probably the only decent one I can get away with using at the moment because I'm in rented accommodation. On paper the chain's are pretty much exactly the same spec (I'm sure there are differences, but I can't find them anywhere), they cost exactly the same at £174.95 for a 2m chain and lock, and they're both from British manufacturers.

So why did I go for the 16mm Pragmasis Protector chain over the Almax Series 3 Immobiliser? Oddly enough the fact that the Protector chain has all gold certifications across the board, and is Sold Secure and the only Police Approved security chain available (and Almax doesn't appear to have any of that...yet - it is going to be Thatcham approved in the near future according to their site) made little difference to my choosing. Both chains are highly spoken of all over the place, from YouTube videos to forums chats. To be honest, what made the biggest difference was that I emailed both companies last week and Almax didn't get back to me. It was the week between Christmas and New Year so that's a bit unfair I suppose, but David at Pragmasis did get back to me, but nobody from Almax did. Security chains and locks aren't that complex pieces of equipment, but just knowing that their service is at that kind of level if needed gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. To be fair in David's email he did say that some of their customers have used Almax chains alongside some Pragmasis products happily enough, so hats off to him for his honesty.

On the note of other products, the anti-pinch pin that Pragmasis make looks good. I'm going to see how I get on with my new set up and might invest in the anti pinch pin at a later date if I'm not happy with how I end up routing my chain. Hopefully I'll be able to get it through the frame on my bike well enough, but if not it's good to know that Pragmasis make another clever bit of kit to solve that problem should I need it.

I'll report back once my package arrives.

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A photo of the set up in action would be good. I am waiting for a Kryptonite chain and disc lock. Neither crop proof chain from Almax or Pragmasis will fit through the ground anchor I have. The Kryptonite is on the list of insurer approved and I live in a low crime area.

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Sure thing, I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow so will upload pics when all set up.

I reckon as long as your chain isn't left on the floor at all you should be alright. To be fair even Almax and Pragmasis recommend making sure no part of the chain is on the floor, because of sledge hammer attacks. They're guaranteed bolt cropper proof, but not sledge hammer proof, especially after spraying with freeze spray. They'll be more of a challenge to shatter I'm sure but under the right conditions it's possible.

I plan on experimenting with positions for my anchor. I may evenattach it to the wall to make sure the chain stays off the floor but will see when it all arrives...

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