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peugeot 106 techiess

Guest petrolhead1989

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Heyyy, anyone know their way around a 106 independance??

I have this wierd noise, everytime i turn the engine off..

A wierd buzzing noise, every second, on the dot. And i also noticed that the dashboard battery light flickers dimly with every buzz..

The buzz seams to be coming from an orange relay, thats within the engine bays fuse box...

Im not if its just a bad relay or something else?

AS ive read around the net, and everyone says different things really..

its recently had an alternator replacement.. if this helps?

If its buzzing, i put the key in and turn ignition on.. the buzzing stops, until i turn the key back off..

Its driving me nuts.... get up in the morning at addenbrooks hospital, to find my car battery is dead, due to this buzzing...



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It's not a faulty alarm or immobiliser is it Allan?


Nahh Bob.. This car isnt that well equipped to be fitted with those :lol:

This thing hasnt even got electric windows or central locking.... Well, if you dont count me sitting in the center of the car, reaching across to pull the levers :lol:

Ive heard a few things around the web..

Faulty relay.... Bad earth from alternator.... Poor connection on alternator wiring.. etc

But the alternator seams to be charging the battery just fine..

14.6v DC to battery when running and under load (lights on etc)..

But to be honest, with everything thats going on in my life right now.. i dont have the time to sit there ordering different things, and crossing things off a list..

Would just like to be able to find the issue, from someone who can help, and get it sorted..

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Have you tried pulling the relay out?

On a simple car like a 106 its gonna be indicators or rear window heater or wipers etc..

I'd be tempted to try wiggling the indicator stick with the keys out to see if the noise changes or goes away..

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Have you tried pulling the relay out?

On a simple car like a 106 its gonna be indicators or rear window heater or wipers etc..

I'd be tempted to try wiggling the indicator stick with the keys out to see if the noise changes or goes away..


or remove the relay and see what stops working

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Haynes manual? They've got the wiring diagrams at the back - it will show you what that orange relay is connected to.

In the meantime, why not just connect up a temporary Blue Peter hack - splice a 99p line switch into the circuit (without cutting any wires, obviously) until you have time to investigate it fully? Just flick the switch each time you park up for the night.

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By any chance dos it make like a whirring noise then tick then nothing? About 30sec after killing the engine?


Nah mate. I know that's the ecu.. And a normal noise to hear..

This buzzing happens as soon as I remove the key, or just turn it completely off, and the dashboard battery light illuminates with the buzz, very faintly though.

To be honest I really haven't had chance to inspect, or fiddle around to find out what it's for.

As I'm currently staying at addenbrooks hospital daily, with my car in the car park.

The buzzing and dash light doesn't happen every single time. I drove home early, and back again,mand didn't do it..

I even worked out that the engine doesn't even need to be started for this problem to happen. Even does it from the first key click etc...


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Inb4 people start making excuses about being warm or dry, or implying that I would be boring enough to have a car but for some bizarre reason don't have the option :mrgreen:


And having a baby is no excuse Allan, get a damn sidecar :lol:

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Yeahhh, i dont have a full car licence, just as a learner, while my partner is recovering from cesarean and unable to drive.

Dont worry, im still all about the bikes, bout the bikes... no cars. :)

Well after a relay removal, the relay is to do with the PAS.. removed it and.the steering was as stiff as anything.. but the issue stopped :)

Just.going.to.splice.a.switch in for.now, like suggested.. so.i can have the power steering still.

And ollie.. a sidecar would be awesome :)

But for.now, my.baby is.stored up in.the garage for.the winter..

The car.is.only.temp, while.the.mrs cant.drive.

Then im going.to.flog.it.on,.and.put.the money.towards a new bike.that.i.want,.while.she.saves.for.a.new car that.she.wants. :)

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Yeah but if there was an incorrect wire issue, then this would be a permanent problem.

But as I said previously, this doesn't happen every single time.. I'd say 6 times out of 10 starts..

And in reply to alternator change.. It was replaced before I bought the car, but previous owner..

I have checked all wiring, all looks fine to me..

I don't think it's alternator related, as the alternator has no problems in charging etc.

I popped to the scrapie today and picked up a couple of matching relays, from 106's.. But the issue is still there.

The car doesn't do it if a relay is removed, but does it no matter what relay is connected..

I highly doubt that the two I picked up today are faulty...

What's the chances!!

I removed the alternator earlier too, and re-installed it, checking connections with multimeter along the way, but nothing.. (Boy I looked an idiot, layin in addenbrooks car park, working on my car) haha

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