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The sensor saga!


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Hi all, after getting the screws and pin out of the oil sump with a magnet, and finding the spring still in it's hole, it was time today to check if the sensor actually works. New hex headed screws came today so I went to put one in and check the thread was the correct size. While I was doing this the screw dropped and stopped right on the edge of the hole that goes into the sump :shock: Rather than fumble with my fingers I got my magnet and touched it to the screw. Imagine my shock when the magnet just pushed the screw over the edge and into the sump :shock: I couldn't believe it after all the trouble getting the screws and pin out! I calmed down a bit and fished around in the sump with the magnet and came out with nothing. After a minute or two I realised something was wrong. I tested another screw with the magnet and it didn't stick! The friggin' screws aren't magnetic :cry: Doomed !!!

After almost tears I had a thought. Suck the friggin' thing out! How? Well take a look at my little friend in the pic. After taping an attachment on the end which was practically the same shape as the hole, and putting it in the hole, I switched on and in only a second I heard the screw shoot down the hose into the hoover.

A cloth is now in the hole and I tested the sensor, it still works and the neutral light lit up for the first time in who knows how long! My problem now is the sensor cannot be properly screwed in without removing the clutch! Guys, is this straight forward and could I meet any problems?



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