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Hi all

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Welcome to TMBF mate...... 8-)

I'm sure there's some of the guys up that way that'll be happy to meet up and head out for rideouts.......I see you've posted in the rideout section, so it's likely you'll hear from someone pretty soon...... 8-)

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Hi, I'm Stockport based but thats within striking distance of you. Be warned I'm an old git on a tourer that takes it pretty easy, knee down is not on my "to do" list. Happy to ride out once it warms up a bit. Gritters out tonight so safe to say its not going to be the very near future.

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Hey biking is biking, it's about getting out meeting new peeps, we all start on 125s and the top speed on the roads most 125s can reach so I'm happy to ride out with anyone as long as there not on a bmx lol, bmwdave I'm not a knee down rider, just love getting out n about, lost my biker mate 2 years ago in a plane crash so only been out on my own last couple of years. Hope to meet all soon :-)

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I'm from horwich, I go to the barn occasionally, doing a few jobs on mine over the next few weeks, and working a fair bit of overtime too. I'm always up for getting out and about though, hopefully this bout of shite weather will pass soon and we will get a few decent weekends. I'm not interested in riding below freezing. There's no fun in trying not to fall off.

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Hi, I'd be up for a ride out. I live Wigan area. Not had a ride with anyone yet apart from my instructor/examiner so would be cool to start meeting people when weather gets better.

I had a ride not too long ago across the A666 into Darwen. It was cold across the moors!

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