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Please somebody - help me:(


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First off I would like to apologise if this is in the wrong section. Secondly, what the heck is wrong with my bike!? I have a 2006 Honda CBR 12nd and It was stolen on 29th December and recovered 2 days later. Ignition wires cut and spliced together (drained battery?) and a little cosmetic damage. When we got the bike back I bump started it and took it for a long ride. No love for the battery unfortunately. I replaced the battery and re-spliced the ignition wires into the barrel. The splice is fine as it bump started with the key in the on position. However, even with the new battery, it will not start with the electric starter. Which is still in tact as when the bike is running and you press it, it ticks over. It sounds like a drain somewhere, 0 power when engine off, 40% when it's running. By that I mean that all electrics work but are dim and if I indicate or brake, the headlight dims further until that additional light is switched off. Anyone know anything about it? please:'( Thanks in advance:)

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It is highly likely that either the charging circuit has not been re-connected properly or the circuit is 'fried'.

You need to investigate with a voltmeter and you will need a wiring diagram.

Did you report the theft to your insurer? If yes, it may be worth putting in a claim for the repair to the electrics (including ignition) and get 'experts' to do the work.


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With a multimeter check the feed to the reg/rec from the stator, then check the output of the reg/rec. Google is your friend, there are masses of guides online with photos to follow that will be easier than a wall of text typed here.

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