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Got my provisional Licence!

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Got my Provisional Licence today. So Happy. I've emailed one of my Local centers to book my CBT for next Wednesday just waiting for them to confirm (probably get an email in the morning).

Just got to start looking at bikes. Having real trouble deciding what bike to go for lol. I like the ones with the digital speedo, Think they look cool lol.

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Not long now then till your on 2 wheels! :D

Not sure how much you already know, but always worth going through and getting to know the road rules, signs etc... before the CBT. I know when I did mine, there were 2 young lads doing theirs as well and the insturctor wasn't very impressed when he asked them questions about that stuff and they didn't have a clue :/

Have fun with the CBT and picking a bike :)

And I agree, get a Jap bike if you can!

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So actually ended up getting my CBT booked for tomorrow.

I know a little bit about bikes mainly from you tube videos but i take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

My budget erm that's a good question to be honest I'm doing this a lot sooner than expected. so I don't have anything saved up. so it's a case of how much I feel comfortable doing on finance.

I am looking at the Honda CBF 125. Seems like a nice good bike.

I would say I have an okay knowledge of the highway code. Never really read the book but just things I've picked up from day to day when getting lifts around. done a few online test things didn't do to badly on them lol

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-1 On writing of chinese motorbikes as a choice.

They're imported and sold under different brand names so it's hard to trust a "brand" when they just put there name on a stock built machine.. all bikes pass a "PDI Check" from new and are tested to be road legal, meet emissions etc. some clearly perform better in the long run as opposed to others.

As long as you do your research and find out what bike is comfortable and suits your weight and height then there won't be any problems in the long run.

If you're rich then go ahead and buy a Yamaha R125 or something similar otherwise it's finding a bike that meets your financial ability as well, my point being that I personally will never be able to justify the £2,000 - £3,000 that some 125'cc have, added to the fact that as a whole a 125cc engine even at redline on the best bikes never goes over 70-80, admitted some of the chinese bikes won't even get close to that.

Just make sure you do your research and buy what's best for you, but don't write of chinese machines because people say "they're crap".

Good look on your CBT :D

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