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I passed!!!!!

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Hey Everyone.

1st of all I would like to thank everyone who has posted about their CBT experience really helped me to expect what was coming.

So It was raining only lightly but enough to make me think great. Got to remember I've never driven a car or bike in my life on the road til today.

So I set off for channel riders.

So got their at 8:45, it was me and other other person. both pretty much newbies at it.

had a bit of a talk about the bikes, the law etc. and then had a look around a bike. done the checks you would do daily etc.

Then it was out into the court yard was a fair size, nothing to big nothing to small. done all your basics going, starting, changing gears, emergency stop, u Turn, figure of 8 (i sucked at it for some reason i could just not do figure of 8s lol)

So after that it was a quick brake, onto the high way code then out on the bike!

At this point It was daunting, I was out of my comfort zone 1st time on the road, everything was new, 1st time really doing them sort of speeds 20-30MPH.

So turning still something i need to get used to lol. But in all I did well apart from when I was on a hill trying to do a right hand turn some how messed it up and ended up under the bike! the instructor said at this point he should really stop the CBT, But 1st thing I said when I got up was i'm alright I want to continue.

I went their this morning expecting to fall off. I knew it would happen. just glad it wasn't a bad one lol

Picture of my leg (Now that i've fallen of I really must be part of the motorbike crew lol)(IGNORE the state of the room lol)


In all I had fun and would recommend Channel riders to anyone in the South East area!

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Congratulations!! :D

I also came off the bike when I was on my lessons doing a right turn after getting straight back on it after a 3 week gap from my first big bike lesson. Dropped the revs I think and it just tipped over. haha. Luckily I didn't end up under it, I kind of just stepped off and tried to lay it down slowly to try and save the footpeg, but it broke anyway lol

Bike shopping for you know then?

RS! :)

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Yeah thanks everyone

I'm looking around online atm as I can't get to most local bike shops til Monday due to work so just looking around at prices etc I'm either going to go for a Honda CBF or the Yamaha ybf I think it is I rode the Yamaha on the CBT seemed like a good little bike

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