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Motorcycle triangle stand

Guest Raf

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I've got a little problem with winds in Sheffield. I've got honda 125 cbr (this is my first bike and I have it for just few months) and I always put a cover on it, to protect it from the rain (especially disc brakes). The problem is, last 2 days we had mad wind, and because there was a cover on my motorcycle, it felt down (without cover it wouldn't happen of course, you know, it works in same way like when you would walk with umbrella during windy weather).

I've decided to buy a triangle stand to protect motorcycle from this kind of situations, so I can have a cover on it, and don't be worried about motorcycle lying on the ground. Because I'm complete beginner, and everything is new for me, I don't know how to set this triangle now. I tried to google it and find some videos but there is literally nothing.

Here I'm sending few pictures to show you how it looks like, you can click and see the photos:




So, once again, this is honda 125 cbr. Please, if you can guide me how can I set it up. I've seen everywhere that triangles are set on the chain side, hopefully it's possible to set it on the opposite side as well?

If it's not possible to set triangle to my bike, is there any other, not very expensive way to protect my motorcycle from falling down? (except taking off the cover from it).


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I've never heard of these until just now.

Looks like you have to have a hollow rear spindle for them to work.


Is there a wall or something you can put your bike near or maybe something you can tie it down to?

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In windy foul weather put the bike in gear and use the side stand. The triangles you've shown offer very little support from lateral sideways forces and with a lightweight bike l would say your bike would be more vulnerable to side winds. Just a word of caution just be sure that any stand is supported on solid ground use a piece of wood or plate if nessersary. Also be sure to firmly strap down any covers you may use once these break loose in a strong wind it will act as a sail and pull any bike over no matter what stand its on.

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Thank you very much for your replies!

But, after all, I'd like to try set this triangle to my motorcycle. Can you explain me, please, how can I do it?

Yes, mr Fro, as you can see, on your photo the rear axle is different then mine..but I've found some comments of honda 125 cbr users about triangle stands so it seems like it's possible to set it to my moto as well..but I don't know what I need to do.

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Just do what I do and wrap some rope around the bike, I go from the handle bar around the mud guard over the seat and under the bike, I then wrap the rest around the foot peg and tie it up, if I had a longer piece id go around the back as well but it stops the wind being able to lift the cover.

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It won't fit, you'd need to cut and weld it. Like mr fro said, it's for a hollow rear axle.

A lot of motocross and enduro riders remove their side stands to give more ground clearance, the stand you've bought is intended for them to be able to stand the bike up without having to lean it against things.

It looks like hollow metal anyway, I very much doubt it would have the strength for the support you are after.

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If you are open to suggestions, get one of these, concrete it in, gives you something to chain your bike to.

If you put it on the side stand side of where you will leave your bike you can also run a ratchet strap from your bike to this, that would help hold it down in windy weather


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I've been bungeeing my cover to the bike, which stops it blowing upward with the wind. Was fine in the strong winds we've had recently, previously without the added bungees it would blow over in lesser winds than the recent ones.

Cheap solution you just need these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-x-New-Bunge ... 540baa7c5b

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