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A2 License - How Soon Is To Soon?

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Hi all,

Basically just wanted some general advice on when is the right time to commit to training/tests for a "full license", because of my age I'm going for a "A2 License" renewing my CBT every two years until i'm 24 is not the route I wish to take and since I've already taken and passed my theory the same month as my CBT partnered with the fact that eventually the use of motorways will be needed to visit family it makes sense for me to get my full license within the two years time frame I'm allotted and then await the money to upgrade to a bigger machine.

I have roughly two months riding experience witch will increase as I await better weather and also raise the funds to gain a full license

My main concern is after doing some research i'm becoming more and more aware of how "serious" and "mature" of a step getting a full license is meanwhile trying not to over-think it as opposed to my CBT where I had never touched a motorbike before and thought nothing of it (passed 1st time).

As well as the above mentioned prices involved, the last thing that I wish to do is donate hundreds of pounds to a company and end up with nothing I think that would put me of anything other than a CBT/125cc for life.

All in all I don't want to push myself to fast to soon however would like to ideally have my license over and done with by summer time this year.

After reading anyone see any obvious reasons why doing it this year would be to soon?

Also any advice on how best to prepare would be appreciated, I studied for my theory for like three weeks heavily every day so commitment to road knowledge when the above price tag is involved isn't an issue, just generally any source material that will help with knowledge.

Many thanks.

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Well those of us a bit older went straight to big bikes and we're ok. I hated the 125 as felt so vulnerable.

At the end of the day, it's your hand on the throttle, just because it's a fast bike doesn't mean you need to be silly with it.

If you feel happy then go have a crack. If you're that worried just book a half day or full day to get started and see if you have any problems

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Yeah go for it, Just because you have the A2 doesnt mean you have to jump to a big bike either.

Im not sure how all these new licenses work if you do your A2 will you then have to do DAS at a later date or are you just restricted for a certain amount of time?

I had a 125 for 6 months on the road after doing my CBT then did my DAS when i was 22 (going back a bit) jumped straight on a 600 sports bike and i was fine mate of mine jumped straight on a blade and never looked back, you only ever go as fast as you let yourself.

Do it!

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Im not sure how all these new licenses work if you do your A2 will you then have to do DAS at a later date or are you just restricted for a certain amount of time?


Yes, you have to repeat license process again (to gain a full A License) but can be done at 21 (or after holding the A2 License for 2 years) as opposed to waiting until you're 24.


I hated the 125 as felt so vulnerable.


I share your opinion in honesty, I have a chinese 125 (I don't mind it) and often changes it's mind on if it wants to work or not, little teething problems here and there, nothing major but can honestly say that something that would do more than 40-42mph wouldn't go a miss (and more low end power).

Thanks to both of you for the vote of confidence, I visited a training school's office on the way home today and they do a day's training with the test at the end of the day for £150 + test fee. (Mod 1 - £15.50, Mod 2 - £75)

Awaiting the funds as said but for less than £400 (if passed first time) it sounds like a bargain, I spoke to the guy and he said some people take three days as opposed to the "two days training" method above, the fact that the test is on the same day as training makes it a little bit more intimidating but also is a bonus because you're learning it all in one day and then there's no gap inbetween.

And I share the "mature full power bike" theory in that the bike goes as fast as you tell it to and also just because you have something that enables you to go 100mph doesn't mean that you should, originally I was looking at a similar chinese bike (Pulse Adrenaline 250cc) however think it might be best (when the insurance quotes allow) to buy a second hand Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit (fits in my estimated budget).

Thanks again :thumb:

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I have had to do my test twice now, got the A2 and now have my full licence. I would say its worth it, its gets you off a 125 and the training involved will improve your riding.

it costs a lot but as the training centre I went with knew I had already passed once, the second time round they gave me what was almost an advanced lesson. Mod 1 just becomes a bit of fun the second time round too.

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its gets you off a 125 and the training involved will improve your riding.


Mainly what I'm looking for, I think for me (if possible) my ideal goal would be a license this year and then a bike upgrade next year (dependant on insurance, running costs, price etc).

I think it's hard to judge my rider skill on the chinese 125 that I own because 1st gear is so short that you blink and you're having to shift so the u-turns and other manurers are basically impossible to simulate.

Also to do things like the 30mph speed trap I'd have to be in 4th gear on the 125.. so again, the power band might take some getting used to but should be easier overall based on the fact that I have more time to focus on the riding as opposed to constantly hitting the limits of the bike on a straight stretch of road.

Since the school I'm going with are cheaper and do the test on the same day as the training (to avoid additional costs) it sure will be interesting to see if it's do-able, the guy in the shop seemed confident that a days training for anyone using the roads currently will suffice.. but who wouldn't when someone's waving money at them.

Just up to me to prepare as much as possible between know and the time of the training/tests.

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How confident are you? doing your test the first day you do a practice seems a bit too much if you're a complete beginner. I managed to do it but had a few years of off road experience and a year on the road.

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How confident are you?


My experience CBT + 1,000KM (2 Months) of riding.

The guy in the shop did say that some people take two days for the Mod 1 and then one day for the Mod 2, see how I feel about it when it's time to put the money down, ideally I'd want to save costs but attempting to do it all in one day could end up costing more.

As for the confidence issue I'd say that the only trouble I've had while out and about is my 125 playing up here and there making it a little harder to ride (teething problems come and go), I've thrown myself in the deep end riding all through winter and commuting to work in the cold etc. to gain the most knowledge as quickly as possible, as well as taking 40mph A Roads, big islands, junctions etc.. just so that I can be prepared as best as possible.

The only real thing that I currently don't do at all is filter based on the fact that as stated 1st and 2nd gear are so close that the smallest stop could mean having to downshift and then try not to put a foot down etc (more trouble than it's worth).

I personally feel that being on a bigger bike would be easier in some sense because attempting slow moving clutch control in 1st gear on my 125 is near impossible just because of how short the gear ratio is, this is why in theory I think I'd enjoy trying it on a bigger bike more because then I'd actually be able to find the bite point and practice slow riding and not have to worry about shifting.

The only thing you can't prepare for is the power increase and weight increase.

All in all out on the roads I feel fine, we all have the odd hiccup here and there it's natural, as above trying to give myself as much experience amongst weather, time of day, junctions, roundabouts, etc.. has enabled me to learn quickly.

Although I will wait until i've put down some more miles on the road and better weather just to give me the best chance possible.

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