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Bike bits not delivered, can't get hold of seller, now what?


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Before Christmas, I ordered some bike bits online (from a website, not ebay) and they still haven't arrived. I paid £220 in all, via my switch/maestro card, through PayPal.

I am not going to "name and shame" just yet as I want to give them the opportunity to put things right.

I have phoned them numerous times - no reply.

I have emailed them numerous times - no reply.

I have tried using their online chat facility - no reply.

Last week I sent them a letter - no reply.

I am going to give them another week, then I am going to open a dispute via the PayPal resolution centre.

I've had non-deliverers on EBay before, I just threaten them with EBay sanctions (and more) and they either cough up a refund or the goods pretty quickly.

I wonder, has anyone else experienced this kind of thing via a non-ebay website and how did it turn out for you?

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By now something is up, especially with those attempts.

Start a paypal resolution, this will at the very least get the sellers attention. If they fail to respond then they will lose the money back to you. If they do respond, then you can slam them for their bad service.

Don't bother with waiting any more, you've gone beyond what I would expect to be a reasonable allowance. :thumb:

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start the paypal resolution right away - dont give them more time

these crooks relay on people giving them the benefit of the doubt to buy more time to rip off more people.

Nail them right away!!!

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Get on to it straight away, this day in age there's no excuse for failing to reply you can get parts shipped from the US in the time you have allowed. Contact pay pal and remember you bank cards have got some clout if its Visa.

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do it.

i'm sick of people thinking they can run a business, and then screwing up and expecting no comeback.

probably some dole scrounger who thinks running a fake internet shop is a good way to fuel his underage pregnant girlfriends crack addiction.

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I opened a dispute against them via PayPal. Within four hours they had refunded the money and sent me a message along the lines of, "We're really sorry, there seems to have been some sort of mix-up, please accept our humble refund", to which I replied, "Isn't it funny how you only send a refund and appology after I opened a dispute against you, yet prior to that you ignored all my attempts at communication?"

I decided to leave it at that!

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