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To be slightly reactionary to the latest "guess what women can do now" stuff that's been in the news lately...

Now we have the first female C of E bishop, and recently there was all that stuff about all women shortlists.

I simply don't know what this is all about. Yes, I get the significance of being the first X, Y, Z but do we really need to be so patronising about it?

Surely waxing lyrical about how simply marvellous it is for a female a hold such a post is in itself imposing doubt that they can do such.

I know that if I even dreamed to tell my girlie that she couldn't do something, she'd tell me to piss off and get back to the washing up!

Am I missing something?

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when something.. doesn't really matter what it is - is the FIRST in history. then its always going to be a big deal. and why not? nobody remembers the SECOND or THIRD.

not sure how important this really is in the scheme of things. but I guess for 'believers' its a big deal. I'm betting its quite a big deal for the woman herself.

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I very strongly disagree with positive discrimination.... I'm not saying that this lady isn't up to the job, I'm sure she will be excellent at it......but all too often these days I hear of people being put into positions because of their gender or ethnic background and not because they were the best candidate!..... Where's the equality in that? But I'm also equally opposed to the old boy network too......again, put the best person in the job, not just coz their face fits or their contacts!

Rant over......carry on.... :lol:

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Yeah I hate this kind of stuff, it's like "LOOK AT US, WE LOVE EQUALITY" while entirely missing the point of equality :tumble:

I try to keep out of gender debates as I fiercely hate stereotypes placed on either side, from the men who objectify women to the women who think a man she doesn't know coming to talk to her is a severe invasion of her space and that men seem to think they own personal space... All that utter shite yada yada... Cnuts and femi-nazis.

The guy who chanted out "Not in the bible" at the woman needs a slap though.

If I could say one thing to him it is "you can believe against all things scientific that a god made the earth in 6 days, then got a virgin pregnant, then the son is nailed to a cross, but is brought back to life 3 days later so he can preach some more before ascending directly into heaven, but you can't believe a woman is a running for a higher rank than you?"

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A little off topic, but do watch that TV show "ancient aliens"? In that show it says that If you believe in the bible, you must believe in aliens, as by definition any creature/being/angel that descends from the heavans is extraterrestrial.

Chuck that at the bible bashers and watch their anger grow as you accuse them of worshipping aliens!!

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