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fairing repairs


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Hi All

Servicing the bike today and generally going over everything, wow triumph did not make this easy. Maybe I was just spoilt with the naked yamaha so i am not used to all the plastic on a faired bike!

Anyway, a couple of the screw holes on the fairing are buggered, one is worse than the other.

Does anyone have suggestions for a repair method? These arent critical, I've been riding around on it fine, its just now I have it in bits I figured I fix all the odd jobs i've been putting off. Dont want to do anything too pricey, otherwise they can just go back on the way it was!



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They were like that when I got the bike Alex.....and I looked at possible fixes, but the only thing that could be relied on was new fairings, which wasn't economically viable........and, as those fixings didn't seem to affect the stability of the fairings, I kinda forgot about them.... :oops: Obviously they rely on the shoulder screws to prevent the screw lugs from getting damaged......but over the years I guess screws get lost and replacements without the shoulder get fitted, with the obvious results that the plastic around the screw hole gets crushed and eventually breaks. I've used chemical metal and metal putty on things like that before......but it just doesn't bond to the rest of the fairing and soon parts company...... :roll:

But, you're right, working on a faired bike is a nightmare compared to a naked bike....... :shock:

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Well i think one might be related to me introducing the bike to the grass when coming off the centre stand :oops: oh well will leave them alone then If more hassle than its worth

Figured out why the grips weren't working, appears a bit was missing off the switch to turn it on. Ordered a bit off triumph to fix. Hands aren't cold I just can't put it back now I know it's fixable! Also thank god I could orider a new switch instead of the whole kit.

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Ahh.....so you sussed out how to get it onto the centre stand then..... :wink:

I'm glad the grips is a easy fix.......I never used them, so never noticed they weren't working.......one of the advantages of being a fair weather rider now..... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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Well I'm determined to get some more miles under my belt this year seemed to barely use her last summer. Going to get a touring screen as well, did you find the wind noise bad or is it just me?

Discovering where triumph world was today (not far!) was not good. Almost left with a trophy a 675 and a ducatti 749 that was in there :oops:

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not sure from the photos how bad the damage is but if it is only small thing you could use this product.


i've used it to fill holes in fairings and replace tabs that have broken off and it works really well like anything you have to do it slowly in stages, but 30 min should be enough time.

If you do want some just type plastex into eBay, and choose

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Hi Guys

Had a go at this so thought I'd post some photos.

Comments -

-CD is very good guide and has loads of examples.

-Melting the mould - they suggest a heat gun. so do I! I used an old pan on the hob, much harder to get the feel for. I dont have a heat gun (obviously). Also not sure the pan will be usable again (oops good job I used an old one)

-Easy to use if you follow instructions, just requires lots of patience.

-They say you can get a 'sphere' of the powder on the end on the pipette. F*** knows how cos I couldnt. I screwed it up about three times then changed to method 'b' that they cover on the CD - I applied the powder, then liquid on top. let it dry and repeat another layer until its done to desired thickness. Not sure if I could have just put more on and done it all at once but I was being thorough.

-Hardest part - realising I needed to hold the fairing up (large single piece) and use both hands. CD is always on nice convenient bits of plastic. Bear in mind you may want to hang the fairing/plastic up (you are using a liquid so it will run down from wherever you put it)

It stinks (the product) and pretty nasty stuff (toxic, flammable etc). Fine for me I live alone. If you have others in house, suggest doing outside/garage.

To put in context, take Jeremy Clarksons' DIY skills. Combine with a chimp. Result is something at least twice as capable as me at jobs like this! :stupid:

Looking at time stamps on photos, took me about 1hr 20 mins from scratch but I wasnt rushing or solely doing this (i.e. the idiot box was on)

Not put it back on the bike yet so time will tell to see if it holds for 12 months.

Cost - 20 quid I think it was, and a lightly toasted thumb.


initial break sanded slightly to give better contact


moulding its mirror image from opposite fairing


mould once set (15 minutes or so)


ready for filling


end result


needs tidying up - and to be fair this photo makes it look a bit pants. Its better than my photography skills.

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Ah i did wonder about using a pan of water but wasn't sure that it was ok. That would have made life easier.

Gave up on the other side of the fairing - it was a much bigger piece missing, I couldnt get a decent mould as the piece on the other side appears to be slightly different not just a mirror image, and to be fair it the clip right underneath the bike so I won't notice it.

Has anyone tried it for the other things they recommend - cracks and stripped screw holes? I don't need any repairs, just be interesting if its been tried and tested there too.

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