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I'm going on a jaunt across Europe in may, on the FJR, with some friends.

Going to be doing the nurburgring on the second day.

Would like to hear from people on here who've done it before on a bike.

Have any hints/tips/does/don'ts?

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I did a lap in 2012 and also visited in 2014 but couldn't get on due to an accident on the track. It's halfway between exciting and terrifying. My main issue was car drivers who use the whole road so you have to have eyes in your arse. That Porsche in the picture was up my chuff in about 2 seconds after that picture was taken. It's like a rollercoaster ride in that it is over before you realise what's happened. Bear in mind that your insurance is invalid when on the Nordschleife so have an off and you pay for recovery, track closure time and repairs. It won't be cheap. Forget about Top Gear and breaking lap times, they're bollocks. No matter how confident you think you are, you'll be made to look like a fool by local riders. Don't even attempt to keep up with them or it'll end in tears. Enjoy it your own pace.

With that in mind, it's a rush and well worth sticking on the motorcycle bucket list. I can't wait to go back this year. Also, this is how busy it gets at weekends (filmed on my gopro) so try an evening session in the week if you can:


Another tip. The local roads are almost as good as the Nurburgring so try them without the hassle. :D

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Stick to the right hand side of the track and indicate right, this will let others know you're travelling "slow" and they can overtake you. Don't try to race the locals, don't be gutted when a ford mondeo overtakes you!

Don't try using all of the track as if it's a track day, it's very different from a track day as a lot of people know the circuit very well and can drive / ride it very well.

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Been there in my car, and its great fun.

would love to do it on a bike.

its not as scary as many would try to make out. its just a nice, wide road with a few bends and no speed limit.

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Going to be doing the nurburgring on the second day.

Have any tips.


yes... sort out which is going to be your 'second day'.

The ring is only open for 16 dates during may.. and is closed for the entire second full week. 11-18 inc.

you also need to consider that half of those open dates are evenings only. so that means from around 5 - 7.30pm.


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We went round last year on the Pan in the rain two up :shock:

I was pillion and screamed most of the way round. :mrgreen:

We went on an evening and i was fairly quiet, but still a few car crashes.....with one car only the number plate coming back lol.

There are so many corners its untrue, especially at the beginning.

Enjoy 8-)

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Playing GT dont help I did that :D ,the dips ,cambers and rises are as tricky as the corners

I have been 4 times , got on twice ,it was closed to bikes twice due accidents/oil

As said let the quicker people pass by sticking to the right when they fill your mirrors

Dont let your ego drag you into anything

And dont max your ZX12R on the final straight on your very first lap and have blast through the run off lane cones.....you look like a cock :oops:

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