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Need new waterproof gloves.

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Hello guys im currently in need of some new gloves for summer/winter style, the only thing is they need to be waterproof and not get soaked inside as nothing is more frustrating than putting wet gloves on (except socks)

Any recommendations that anyone can throw out? price range is around £100 at most.

Edit: did not realize the pricing on gloves, throw some suggestions please, i'm a glove noob.

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£100 at most.


£100.. For a pair of gloves, donate your riches? :shock:

My gloves are "Frank Thomas" from my local J&S (£20).... require a thin layer glove underneath just because they're not the best in the high "-'s" but there again, it's cold, heated grips are available for a reason.

After having topics about buying gear form the internet the argument for "more money doesn't mean more protection".. have a quick search of ebay.. there's plenty of different styles and levels of protection.

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£100 at most.

it's cold, heated grips are available for a reason.



most of my commuting is only 10miles at the most, which woulden't be worth waiting for them to heat up on the shorter journey, and i'd only do heated grips if i knew how to connect it to the ignition, not just the battery :(

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most of my commuting is only 10miles at the most.


Roughly the same distance for me.. you can get heated grips purchased and fitted by certain bike shops and extra fee of course but I read heated grips can cause problems with batteries so is debatable if they're worth it, I assume it depends on your bike etc.

I don't have heated grips for the record, so I can't report on their time to kick into effort or level of comfortable and use-ability.

Handlebar muffs are another option for winter, never been to keen on the overall look myself however if it was between them and being unable to control my bike I'd go for the muffs all day long.

I'd still retain the more money doesn't mean better in all cases, it can't hurt to pop into your local bike shop or a J&S to have a look at the budget options they have in store.


Budget option

http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/novara-2 ... 15566.html

£100 Option

http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/titanium ... black.html

http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/wr-2-gtx ... black.html

They all come under the "winter" section on the website and within budget.. if you're confident on your size for definite then you may be able to get a cheaper price for the same glove on ebay or amazon (from a trusted seller of course).

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Darn it, too late to the party - I was going to suggest Alpinestars WR-V or WR-3, those are the ones I'm looking to get and both can be had for less than £100. Gore-Tex, so should be pretty darn waterproof.

And on the heated grips note, my commute is also pretty short (15 minutes or so) and that's not really long enough for my heated grips to heat up enough to make a difference.

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