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What your favourite Track for Trackdays and why?

Guest ScotMagil1987

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Brands is okay but you pay for the name.

I like Snet because it's closeish, reasonably priced and has a pretty nice mix of corners. The only downside is the lack of reference points. Great place for beginners and you can pretty much max out on the back straight. :-) We suited to bikes in standard form - i.e. no real need to bugger about with swapping sprockets.

Cadwell is a nice technical track with a good variety of corners/straights. It's quite easy to lose your rhythm if you're not "feeling" the track/trying to push too hard. Also, you can get blinded if the sun is low while you're coming out of the trees. Nice grass banks in the paddock on which to stretch out and catch rays between sessions.

Bedford is alright but lots of people complain about the poor track surface.

Rockingham only ever seems to be open at the weekends and I wouldn't bother with Lydden - right, left, right, right...

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Rockingham is great, really shows how little there is between a sorted 400cc & a full blown 1000cc on a technical cicuit. I barely got into 4th on an old 900 Blade, my mate on a GSXR1000 k5 pretty much was in 2/3rd all the way around.

I know that might Sound boring but trust me, it isn't, the surface is very grippy and corner speeds are high as a result. Lots of left handers two as the circuit is anti-clockwise, they flow into each other nicely too.

Donnington is good, bit dangerous as it's fast and some corners are off camber which catch some out (1st turn into the craner curves?).

Been a while since I was there but wouldn't recommend it for a first day, I was quick unsettled and had been about a dozen times before on different tracks.

Will Write more later, busy!

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Rockingham is great cause it's ten minutes from me. Silverstone international is good as well as the full circuit. Caldwell is ok but no garages so no electric. Snetterton was good but garages were full before I got there. Donington was a buzz. Will be going to Mallory, Brands and Oulton this year

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