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Oil Pressure Light on Kawasaki z750r


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Hi All,

I have an issue with my Z750r in that it wont start :crybaby: , i started it this morning and noticed it had a FI warning light flashing so stopped it, it then started flashing the oil pressure light and turned over once then would not start. After checking the oil i noticed it was below the lowest level :oops: and there was a gurgling noise when i turned the ignition on but not trying to start it.

Do these bike have a failsafe to not let the engine start if the engine oil is too low?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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From a quick google search of what happens to engines with low or no engine oil the first lines of most replies are "can cause serious damage".. I'd suggest leaving the bike sitting until you've purchased the correct oil and topped up, I check my oil once every couple of weeks (although my bike has very close service intervals so can neglect slightly), engine oil is designed to last a fair few miles so when's the last time you did a check?

And as I've never owned a kawasaki I personally couldn't answer the fail safe issue.

Also I've been reading posts on another forum where a user had suspicions that his ignition barrel had collapsed inside, after leaving it to sit for a day he came back and it worked and started fine, is the bike left sitting outside.. also read another post that one person experienced the engine freezing, not sure what bikes they ride but might be useful..

First get the engine oil out the way and then attempt to start it.. might be a little rough to get started and running but just try to keep the revs up and at a steady pace and slowly let out the revs if you feel it's doing to die again just keep the revs up (might be worth putting the dash light on to tell if there is a change in power without revs).. let the bike warm up and see how it runs.

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I'm not sure how quick batteries loose their charge when left sitting as mine only goes a couple of days without being run or checked, might be worth taking the battery out and checking it still has full charge.

Might be worth a quick check of the oil filter as well, if you're doing a self service then change both at the same time.. if you mean a service by kawasaki or a local garage I'd get the non-running out of the way before booking it, the above are both easily done and will avoid charges for simple issues.. if the above doesn't fix your problem maybe a short video so we can hear what's happening or an update.

Although on the contrary if you're have a service done by a garage etc then they should change the filter/oil themselves, so when you do top up (providing it's a service by a dealer) only add enough to get it about the second mark on the dipstick.. they should change the oil and filter.

and another one (probably laughable) is does it have the kill-switch in the on position and does it have enough fuel (basic ik but worth asking).

be sure to update,

no problem :thumb:

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Before you do anything you need to drop the oil and see if there is a lot of fine particles that come out with it especially gold coloured

This would indicate you have shafted the bearings

If all looks well then fill with the correct amount of oil

Check the charge on the battery

Turn the motor over by hand too

Then try starting it

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Then you need to be friends with someone that does :lol:

It's relatively easy to be honest I'm at work and on my phone at the min so not easy to explain properly

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Hi All,

I topped up the oil last night and fired it up and all is working great, the gurgling i can only assume was the engine trying to pump the oil round the engine and through the oil filter, as once i had turned it over a few times the gurgling stopped, and the bike came to life.

Thanks for all your advice.


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Glad to hear it was a simple fix i'd say try and keep on top of checks and keep the level at least half way at all times as well as just to prevent further damage if any to the engine, also just check and be sure there isnt a slow oil leak (there probably isn't) but this is the first time ive read of an engine having such a small amount it wouldn't run.

I'd personally a quick ten minute test ride covering a handful of miles (not to far to push back home) will make (if there is any) any additional faults clear, if it doesn't do anything strange it's all good :thumb:

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