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Missing England - one for any parents


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Hello, I am going to start posting a bit more now on here, have not posted much since my move to Florida last January as to be honest there is not a lot to write about, the roads are so boring.

I am planning my bike trip across the US though and will post that in Bike chat, I am doing a trial run next week from Tampa to Panama City Florida on my Ducatti Monster 696 to see if it can cope with 356 miles in one day. Once I start the trip (May) I will do a daily blog.

Anyway, why do I miss England living here in the Sunshine? This one is for the parents: I went to my kids elementary school tonight (think infant and junior) to pick up my kids, Sophie who is 6 and Hugo who is 10, and the conversation went something like this.

"Hi Kids, did you have a good day at school today?"

Hugo: "Yes Dad, we had a lock down drill today"

"Whats that?" I asked.

"It's were the school gets locked and you have to find a hiding place as there is someone in the school with a gun shooting."

Sophie: "I went and hid in the canteen kitchens behind the fridges." enthusiastically like it was a game.

Sophie: "Anyway, if there was someone with a gun I would use my karate and take it off them." (they both go to Karate)

Hugo: "You could not do that they would shoot you."

"Really!?" said Sophie.

"Yes" said Hugo " It's like a fire drill in England you have to practise in case it really happens."

Sophie: "Dad, when we go back to England in the summer can we not come back?" Now in a frightened voice.

I don't care what anyone says about England, I can't wait to get home!

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How do they tell the difference between a fire drill and a deranged lunatic alarm?

Is it an urgent beeping for fire and a cockney voice shouting "Get daaahn Earnie!" for the other?

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no joke actually, there was a big story over here about 4-6 months ago about an instructors on a gun range who had been accidentally shot by an uzi machine gun. The Nine year old girl he was teaching accidentally turned towards him with her finger still on the trigger.

My and your reaction I am sure was... WTF is a 9 year old girl learning how to fire an uzi for!!!

No joking the typical reaction from ordinary US citizens was... what poor instruction.

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It is poor instruction. Ive shot guns since i was strong enough to pull the trigger, my son has a smallbore we shoot tin cans/ckays/paper with.

Its a hobby. A good one at that.

But we dont have the fear of a nutter talking a gun into a school.

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