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First set of gear?

Guest aytri

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Hi all,

I've just bought a bike and done my CBT. I'm going to start commuting into work next week (15 miles each way), which gives me a week or so to get some gear. At the moment I have nothing at all except some old mountain biking gloves and a pair of Dr. Martens - which isn't going to cut it :lol:

I'm still a complete newbie, so can someone help me decide what I need please? I am planning on buying a helmet, a jacket, some trousers (or maybe some Kevlar jeans), some gloves, and maybe some boots. I'm also considering fitting heated grips.

If you had up to, say, £1,000 to spend on a set of gear, what would you buy? I'm too old for worrying about looking cool :crybaby: - I just want a good quality set of gear that will keep me warm, dry, comfortable and safe. I'd also prefer to buy gear that I can wear all year round if possible.

Also, if anyone has any interesting links to "what gear to buy"-type pages I'd appreciate it.



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Can I just recover form the fact you'd spent £1000 on your first set of gear for a moment.

Right.. composed..

Firstly I'd say that if you're really willing to spend that much then I'd buy multiple sets of gear rather than go all out on one set, once a jacket and trousers is soaking wet then are you really going to want to put damp gear on (yes i'm aware they'll be waterproof, still not pleasant).

I'd say get everything head to toe.. helmet, jacket, trousers, boots, gloves without fail.. anything less than protective gear won't cut it for safety.

I've window shopped online and found I could get a full set of gear for less than £200.. when I got mine from J&S it cost me £340-360 (bad memory) for a full set of FT textiles, boots, helmet and gloves (shop prices are always dear).

What you get is up to you but make sure it's waterproof at the very least and has comfortable padding (don't be afraid to try it on in the shop and test how solid the armour is).

Trying on in shop > internet (always).

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Hello welcome in.

Due to a time waster on eBay I still have my HJC helmet up for sale depending on your size.

I was waiting for a couple months to relist but I spotted an opportunity [emoji1] take look here.



Unfortunately that won't fit my head! Good luck with the sale.

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No problem.

Have a look at www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk

Loads of choice and they are pretty good on prices. Very good service and they do a price match. If you see the product cheaper elsewhere then just call them to place your order, tell them which website you've seen it cheaper, they will quickly check and then match it.

Have fun searching on there

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Can I just recover form the fact you'd spent £1000 on your first set of gear for a moment.


I just put a price in there - knowing that people would immediately ask "what's your budget?" :lol: I'd obviously prefer to spend less, but I don't mind spending that sort of money if it's good value. I'd prefer to spend £1,000 once than £250 five times :)

The plan is definitely to get head-to-toe gear - and from a shop, rather than online. I'm going to check out J&S and GetGeared this week, but I wanted an idea in my head before I wander in there and get ripped off :)

Are there any brands or particular features that make gear stand out from the rest? Or do you just get what you pay for? I really don't want to be wet and freezing cold!

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I've only ever owned my current set witch is "Frank thomas" sort of an J&S exclusive sell cheap and get rid of all stock.. don't tell them what you're there for and just window shop at the price tags of things you like the look off, I walked in and told them I wanted to get fully fitted head to toe for a full set guy said £250 originally.. soon shot up while he walked around picking things up leaving me to pick up the price tag.

In honesty I'm never going to advise against safety but I personally would never buy the best of the best while not riding a high powered machine, the basics suit me, also note that repeatedly dropping your helmet can damage it (I just hope I don't crash since I've done this) and it will need replacing.. so bare that in mind when forking the money out for one.








Again never owned any of the above brands but top names from what I can tell.

Check-list to look for;

Helmet - Get the correct fitted size and tie up on your head comfortably, now close the visor fully locked and attempt to open with your left hand (if it cannot be done with one hand or two fingers easily then don't buy it).

Do you want one with an internal sun visor or replaceable dark tinted visor?

Jacket - Remove inner layers and find your way to the "padding" and check that it isn't held together in compartments by velcro (like my frank Thomas one is), make sure you get something that feels like it protects you rather than you holding it together.

Elbow, shoulder and back protection.. make sure the back protection covers a large area including lower back.

Trousers - Decent knee protection, good quality zip and lock, join able zip to a matching jacket?..

Also try to find one that has a raised area at the rear of the trouser to protect your lower back with some padding.

Gloves - Decent knuckle protection, wrist and palm protection.. with a good multi lock mechanism (often Velcro).. also ensuring it covers a decent amount of the wrist (protects against wind and rain)

Boots - Comfortable to walk in and not to heavy for street use (might be worth getting a street shoe and full race boot, I liked the alpinestar shoes for £100 felt nice in J&S).

Toe sliders, heel protection and rear protection with well made construction and decent material.

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Get yourself to the Bike Show at Excel next weekend mate.......should be plenty of choice there..... :wink:

Look for Goretex stuff if you can....... 8-)


That's a good shout! Do you reckon there are discounts to be had at that show? Or is everything going to be full RRP?

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I think I might leave the heated grips/heated gloves/muffs for now and just get a decent pair of winter gloves for now. Good idea?

Also, I'm not sure whether to buy a back protector or not. Do you ride with them?

Anyway... assuming it all fits properly, how does this look for a set of gear? Is there anything you'd change if you were in my position?

Boots: Alpinestars Web GTX - £160

I'm still not sure whether boots are worth it. I'm considering wearing Dr. Martens - bad idea?

Gloves: Richa Cold Protect GTX - £100

Helmet: Shark S900C - £150

Jacket: Alpinestars Andes - £160

Trousers: Alpinestars Andes - £160

That all comes to £730, but I reckon I can haggle it down to £620-ish.

Taking everyone's comments into account, this is just my first list. I haven't started on SportsBikeShop, J&S or GhostBikes yet :)

Thanks for your help so far!

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I personally would advice considering..


Alpinestar S-MX6; http://www.getgeared.co.uk/alpinestars_ ... mx_6_black

Alpinestar Faster Shoes; http://www.getgeared.co.uk/alpinestars- ... ory=315965

(Not sure if the faster shoes are waterproof, seem to be more urban street summer wear, also I don't own either of the above so cannot comment on their usability, just mainly basing of design do shop around, also tried the lower boot on street version or similar a while ago and felt very comfortable).


Look like a good choice (styling wise), worth trying them on (as with everything) to see size and comfort and protection.


Could talk about helmets all day long, not all brands fit everyone head shape, each brand has their own sizes and features/designs.. try the helmet on and see if it's comfortable and fits snug.. leave shopping for the sun visor and graphics after you've found a decently priced helmet with good protection.


Depends on you're taste, again down the comfort in person and how protected you feel with it on.. looks like more of a coat, touring style jacket with what I can only presume much protection (looks designed for winter).


Again taste, as all of above points.

So, all in all.. i'd say shop around and take a look at different styled things.. I have a personal preference for brands that sell "sporty" type gear and all of it not just jackets etc, I also buy a brand with the same names.. only this time I'm going against that and buying a AGV helmet with all others being RST.

You'll get haggled in J&S like I always do with the same old "are you ok sir?".. "can I help you?".. but the staff at least in my local store are there when you do need their advice, knowing what you want to shop for in advance is a safe option.

I would recommended against just regular shoes just because you may soon find that attempting to work the shifter in regular shoes might not be so comfortable, they'll get endlessly dirty and also you'll probably end up with a injured foot in the event of an off, I'd at least recommended some protection over none.

You can bring the costs down defiantly, but IMO by knowing what you want to shop for both in style and features, buying online may also be cheaper than in store when you shop around and know your sizes for that exact product.

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Get yourself to the Bike Show at Excel next weekend mate.......should be plenty of choice there..... :wink:

Look for Goretex stuff if you can....... 8-)


That's a good shout! Do you reckon there are discounts to be had at that show? Or is everything going to be full RRP?

There's normally discounted stuff at the shows.........also gives you the opportunity to try it on too, to make sure it fits...... :wink:

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Thanks for everyone's help so far. Well, I ended up with this little haul:

Boots: Alpinestars Web GTX

Gloves: Richa Cold Protect GTX

Helmet: Caberg Duke

Jacket: Alpinestars Andes

Trousers: Alpinestars Andes

I also bought a Forcefield Level 2 back protector, an Oxford Aquatex cover, an Oxford chain/padlock and a disc lock alarm.

Picked up the bike yesterday - absolutely loved it!

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Only thing I'd question is the flip up helmet, as long as it's comfortable and has all the features you require then all is well.

Again with the gear depends on personal preference, as long as you feel warm, protected and is easy to use then all is well.

Personally would of gone for the oxford boss disc lock or alarm lock as opposed to that one although oxford locking mechanics can be funny and cause problems at times so has it's plus and it's minus, not sure what length chain you have gone with but I have both a 1 meter and 1.5 meter chain and find that both come in handy as sometimes the 1 meter doesn't always enable me to reach the street furniture when required.

Glad you went with some foot protection over non though, good choice.

Enjoy your new ride :thumb:

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