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Mouldy gloves??

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My summer gloves have gone mouldy!!!! :evil: :evil:


Wierdly, they were on the shelf next to my winter gloves. none of which have been used since November, and only the summer gloves went mouldy.

maybe the summer gloves are more sweaty and better for mould??

all the rest of my gear is fine...thankfully!

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Niiiice. I had that on a pair of leather jeans once - dusted it off and gave them a going over with Nikwax and they were good as gold.

stuck the gloves in the sink and ran boiling water over them for a while.

its only surface mould, but its still nasty looking!!!

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the missus says i should put them through the washing machine on a "cool, hand wash cycle"...... if only i knew how to work our washing machine.. its like a big lump of alien technology that i don't normally go near... :lol:

Has anyone else put leather gloves through the machine?? people wash training shoes, so i guess gloves should be ok right??

i read the label, they are made from goat skin

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LOL!!! That's gross.

Spray with mould remover, leave to soak for a couple of hours. Rinse off and put in the machine (I've had all my stuff in the machine... it's fine on a 30 wash), job's a good'un.

Once again... Gross. :lol: :lol:

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