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Front brakes too 'sharp'

Guest wmckin11

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Hi all,

I bought a GSF1200 SK3 last year and have been using it to commute, has been great.

During the stormy weather and high winds in Scotland over the new year the bike went over. All looked good (has engine bars) and not even a dented exhaust, just the right side indicator came off - touch of super glue and all good.

However, first time I went to take it out again in the new year I've noticed that the front break is REALLY sharp. A mm of squeeze and I get usual braking any more than that and the brakes go full on, complete lock.

Now, I've cleaned up both callipers, getting all the crud off the pistons and making sure everything moves fine there. I've also opened up the reservoir and noticed the diaphragm was all kinked, so I put that right and as it should be.

Long story short, my brakes are still super sensitive. Anybody any ideas? I'm keen to not take it into the shop, but I'm out of ideas!

Any help appreciated!

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Welcome to TMBF mate......pop over to the newbies section and introduce yourself when you can...... 8-)

Are the brakes binding at all? Did the front brake lever take any of the impact? Did either front disk take a knock? are they straight? I wonder if the master cylinder has got damaged somehow? Maybe this is how your brakes are meant to be......and you've got used to inefficient brakes..... :wink:

It's quite rare to hear of brakes that are too good...... :wink:

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Hi, have you checked that the pads are all seated properly? A hard bang could of knocked them out of line causing one of the pads to grab on the leading edge. Just a thought

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Hi, thanks for replying. They don't seem to be binding, the wheel moves freely when spin it. The disks appear straight as I don't see or hear anything when I move the wheel.

With regards to damage from the fall, this is a possibility. They certainly worked well enough before this! I wondered if something has happened to the reservoir but there's no obvious damage. I had considered the possibility that the lever landed on the ground but there's no marks to indicate that.

Chrissb6, I took the pads out of both callipers when I was cleaning them. I also cleaned up the pin to ensure movement would be as free as possible.

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Hi ya, l had a sniff around the web and found this article


It might relate to your bike also, being that yours went over as well.

With reference to the lever problem found at the bottom of the page

Hope your soon sorted

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I had searched around the internet a lot looking for a solution and had not seen the post on gixxer.

Thanks very much to both of you for your help, especially Chrissb6 for the solution. Unbelievably the lever was the solution, and I'm still not entirely sure I understand how! I went to Saltire in Edinburgh and picked up a new lever this afternoon, put it on there and it was immediately clear the difference that it made!

My guess is that impact from the fall had cause the lever to change shape and was no longer pushing on the mastercylinder pin correctly. Regardless, I'm just happy that it didn't cost me a fortune (£21 for the pattern part lever from Saltire). Thanks again!

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the pin will be slightly pushed in and when the fluid heats up it will make the brakes sharper and could even lock on

this is a common problem with some cheap after market levers too

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