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Failed Mod 2

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Disappointed, really hoped to get that one first time. Did it yesterday in Erith, told to head for Belvedere, couldn't see which exit I needed and when decided to leave roundabout didn't signal doh! oh and a minor for undue hesitance, gave way to a learner driver but gap big enough.

Test nerves have a lot to answer for, I would never do that in real life :-/

Doing next time in Basildon. Any all advice on test techniques welcome, I don't want 7 flippin goes at this one will end up bankrupt.


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Next time just be safe. Doesn't matter if you miss a sign and go the wrong way.

SAFELY, so long as you do everything safely you'll be fine, but again do it all safely and going the wrong way isn't a massive deal.

Do as you would if you were going somewhere and got lost, you'd pull over safely and get your bearings. You should speak to the examiner to clarify what he wants you to do in regards to missing a sign or turning to be 100% sure though.

Best of luck for next time.

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There looking for real life scenario of what you would do, when i did my test i got in the wrong lane at a roundabout, i knew id done it and thought shit, then proceeded round the roundabout and back to the correct lane.

They have to allow a certain amount of leniency if the radio fails or you didn't hear them properly, they wont fail you for going the wrong way.

You'll be the most experience rider without a license soon. :wink: Knock em dead next time :)

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Thanks for your replies. Silly to have nerves really but saying it and dealing with them effectively isn't easy. As for the speed limits, one road I was on I had no idea so just guessed at 30 :-/ Off out for practice soon ;-)

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You can do eeeet!

As it's been said just think "What SHOULD i do".... then when you pass your test you can ride how you like :D :D :D

But seriously take it slow and steady, think things through before you do them. Goodluck =)

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