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Where can i go to get my suspension set up? - Hertfordshire


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Don't know where you can have it done but have you thought about doing it yourself?

There's plenty of info out on that there internet... http://www.sportrider.com/tech/sportbike-suspension-guide?image=1. You could also go old school and get a book - I have RaceTech Suspension Bible which is pretty good if you ignore all the adverts for Racetech stuff. :-)

In essence, all you need is a measure (a set of steel rules from 1m to 15cm can be had for about £15), a few tools, the appropriate procedure and calcs and a bit of time. A mate is always handy for taking measurements for you/holding the bike still.

Once you've done your measurements and calcs, you may need to get some new springs/different weight oil to suit your weight/riding style and/or a new rear suspension spring/damper.

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Advice on TMBF:


I've been riding bikes for [number below 12] months and I want to pay someone to fix or improve my bike for me because I lack the [tools/knowledge/confidence] to do it myself, where can I take it?


Do it yourself! You'll only need [insert list of tools that newmember is unlikely to own thusfar] and [various parts that newmember may never have heard of], then all you do is [brief explanation of procedure that makes it sound painfully simple when in reality the prospect is terrifying to anyone who hasn't done anything similar in the past and being told how easy this actually is has probably made newmember doubt their capabilities even further].


Yes, I agree with the above. And make sure that you [further confusing advice, possibly containing even more advanced technical terms than the previous post]


I disagree with both of the above and think it should be done differently, which I will now elaborate on. Also I will be slightly passive aggressive about it.

-- 3 pages of arguments --


I live nearby and can help you if it goes horribly wrong instead of just telling you how easy it is.


Thanks for the help Oldmember274, bike is now fixed/improved.

Grumpy Old Git or Tiggy


-- Thread locked --

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Bob it and forget the suspension. Only messing im going with oldmember and say do it yourself, look online plenty of info mess with it ride it mess some more ect. And if all else fails just put everything to the middle (factory) and then get someone to do it for you

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