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1 Cylinder 4 stroke needs really High Idle to run on Neutral


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Hi guys,

Generally speaking I've no experience in maintaining bikes/cars however lots of great tips are on the internet which allowed me to do some basic maintenance after my brand new bike hit 400 Miles, such as:

- Oil Change (SL type)

- Filter Changes

- Adjustments

- Wiring improvements


In the manufacturers datasheet I've came across that my recommended Idle speed is to be set at 1440 RPM, a friends of mine who are bikers added that even if I'm below this RPM on idle I should be able to run smoothly But when I started to play with the Idle screw on Carburettor and going just below 1800RPM idle the bike would stall without throttle and it would die every time I go from 2nd to 1st gear. So my current setting is around 1900/1950 RPM idle on 3/4 of a choke ON when cold.

The brand new idle speed was set at 2500 rpm.

It's a Chinese Lexmoto brand, 1 cylinder 4 stroke air cooled without any issues apart from the idle speed setting. I'm not planning to take it to the garage for couple weeks due to work load.

What can be possible reason for such high idle RPM setting?

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welcome to the forum pop into newbies and introduce yourself at least that way it looks like you might stick around on one of the best forums on the net rather than just useing us for free advice :thumb: 1st off tickover should be set with choke off and engine warm and running temp 2nd thing is dont mess with it to much as you will void what warranty there is on the bike and trust me you might well need to make use of it in the forst 6 months of the bikes life.its worth having a chat with dealer who sold it to you as they might say pop in and sort it while you wait and that way you keep the warranty active

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Thanks for replays lads.

About 3 Months ago I had to replace my tachometer which has been faulty from the beginning apparently and always showed much higher REV than the actual rev value.

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I notice you have another thread on 'idling' issues (and 'wet' plug) - there is a very good chance these are related. You need to set up your carb correctly (mixture and idle) for the bike to perform properly.


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The tachometer is not accurate enough to set the RPM for idle. Dealer has to do this. Can't remember why but Honda did it free for me.

You'll get an ear for it eventually but must always be done after a short run to bring engine up to temperature.

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