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GS550 Ignitor


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Hi Everybody,

Was wondering if anybody on here could help me as I'm having some trouble with the electronics on a 1978 GS550 project I have bought.

I have been through a scheme to check that I have all of the parts before trying to re-wire. However, I seem to be missing a Fuse box and Ignitor!

Is there anyway I can side step the problems for the time being to see if the bike starts / runs before I strip the bike down for cleaning?

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Welcome to TMBF mate.......pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the guys when you can...... 8-)

If you're handy with electrics you could rig it enough to run the engine......but without a wiring diagram I'd be pushed to say exactly what you'd need to do...... :wink: When you say ignitor do you mean ignition coil?......you'll need this to get a spark....and I think the gs550 had 2 coils......so you'd need both.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies first of all. I will get over to say hello to the people on here ASAP.

Secondly, I have both of the coils (located under the petrol tank). However after speaking to a bike enthusiast who lives on my street, he has mentioned that the bike may run on points and condensers I.e no ecu/cdi.

Would either of you guys know which is correct or how I can check?

Again, thanks for the help. It's much appereciated!

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@Gle is your friend.

The service manual shows points & condensor - However, there is a post production modification to fit electronic ignition.

Get a copy of the manual and you will be able to see where the points are; how to access them; and how to check they operate correctly. There are various free downloads (check with a virus checker before opening) or, Haynes has a manual for your bike.


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if its points and condensor then they will be inside the front engine casing on the right hand side of the bike.there is no oil inside the small front casing so you should be able to remove it and check condition of the points and condensor it is also here that the electronic conversion goes in as well which it could well have as they made them from 1980/1 with electronic ign once you have the case off you will be able to tell which kind you have got

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