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Honda CG starts fine but cuts out after a while - help

Guest wiseguy01

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My 2001 CG starts fine and runs fine for about 5-10 minutes. Then it starts to shudder and lose power. It gets worse and worse until the engine just cuts out. If you leave it for a while it will start up again but performance will still be bad. If I start it the next day it will be ok for 5-10 minutes again.

I´ve cleaned the carb but it hasn´t helped.

Please help, I can´t stand commuting on the tube anymore!

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Welcome to TMBF mate.......pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the guys when you can...... 8-)

I assume the oil level is Ok? If that's ok, then it could be a restricted tank breather that's causing a vacuum to form in the fuel tank.......try opening the filler when the bike cuts out and see if you can hear a vacuum being released.

Could also be the ignition coil breaking down when it gets hot......see if you can get a replacement..... 8-)

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have you removed the sprak plug to see what colour it is as that will give indication if it is running to rich or to weak as well but also like the others have said run the bike untill it dies remove fuel cap asap and listen for it to hiss if it does then the breather is blocked

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try taking the choke off

That was going to be my advice. I took my divvy 900 out the other day and this exact thing happened. Sat there cursing the bike for a few minutes then realised I'd left the choke on. Sat there cursing myself for a few minutes, switched the choke to off and carried on my ride [emoji16]

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Hi Guys

Some more info/update..

-Changed the spark plug when this all started, it looks normal (no massive soot deposits or anything like that)

-When I cleaned the carb I took it apart completely and cleaned it with carb cleaner. I check the jets carefully they looked good.

- Checked the fuel flow today and took the cap off after driving it for a bit. Doesnt seem to be any flow issues and the fuel looks clear.

-Choke is fine, when I was cleaning the carb I kept forgetting which way was on and off so I´ve had plenty of opportunities to spot any problems with it.

-A mechanic checked the valve clearances not too long ago, he said the looked fine.

One other symptom I forgot to mention was that it occasionally backfires, normally when I am trying to start the engine mid-drive after it has cut out. Any ideas?

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if its back firing trying to restart then there is live fuel in the exhaust which to me means it could well be the coil breaking down once it gets hot and the spark is vanishing,dont forget even when it stops sparking the engine is still going through its cycle untill you stop or pull clutch in,so it is drawing fuel into engine which is not getting burnt but just chucked out into the exhaust hence the back fire once it will spark again

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