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Oil on top of the engine?


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Rode home yesterday and just happened to look over the engine.. I noticed oil sitting on the top in a small puddle.. Going to try upload some photo via my phone (cause thats gonna work) just wondering if it's a leak or what. I did rev the engine very high at one point for a few seconds as some chav in a boy racer car tried to have me one :D



Provided i've linked these correct.. Should show 2 photos of the oil.

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First, off, I have limited knowledge of engines, but I do have a bit of experience.

Don't worry too much about it at the moment, I know once you first notice something like that, you can assume the worst, but if any major issues were going to happen, they would do so inside the engine and you would know about it before any signs were showing outside.

Hitting the limiter for a brief period is ok, that's what its there for, its to stop you over revving the bike. As long as you dont hold the throttle open, bouncing it off the limiter or do it with a cold engine you'll be fine.

A couple of things though. First, are you sure its oil, not just road grime mixed in with water, or a bit of WD-40 creating a rainbow effect?

is the puddle near a gasket? - This is the most likely thing I think. A degraded gasket. Maybe you or a previous owner has taken the bike apart and put it back together without buying a new gasket, or maybe you've used a pressure washer at too high a pressure on it, causing it to fail. If the gasket is gone and is letting out oil from somewhere, it might be letting water in, and this is a bad thing. It's best to have a look through the oil sight and look out for a milky substance, this is water mixing with oil and means your going to want to change the oil

The only other thing it could really be, if the gaskets are OK, you are sure its oil and its originated from your bike, rather than outside sources, is that there is a crack in your engine block somewhere. This would be easily noticeable though, very rare and I only really suggest it as a "I cant think what else it could be" suggestion.

Bottom line, if everything seems ok, remove the oil from the surface and keep an eye on it. Look out for water in the oil, look out for oil on the engine and watch out for a puddle under the bike with a rainbow effect when it rains

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I've wiped the oil off for now. I plan on doing a service on it saturday anyhow so will change the oil for completely fresh stuff and see how we go.

I'll keep an eye on it and check for any damage on the engine at all. As you say it could just be water mixed with road dirt and some dirt on the engine already.. Bike does accumulate crap quickly!

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looks more like dried up dirty water to me rather than oillike water has sat there and slowly boiled away as engine got hot.The main places they leak oil from right up the top of the engine in the cam cover bolt seals as they go hard and dont seal poperly but only cause a problem once they have been undone and then reused as alex says dont panic just check every now and then and of course keep an eye on oil level in the engine just in case

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