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Has the highway code changed.

Guest Gautrek

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The new way to indicate you are pulling over to park now seem to be.

Slow down slightly to confuse the vehicles behind.

Then switch your hazards on

Then slow down even more

Then move to the side of the road after the parked cars you have just passed

Park up

Then look confused as I drive past slowly going WTF was that?

Then while I am sat at the traffic lights I notice that when she gets out of the car she turns her hazards off.

Oh and for once there was no need for the hazards as she was actually parked in a safe place.

I understand why people need hazards for some of the f***ing stupid places they park. But I would remove hazard lights of vehicles as them must be one of the most over used and most wrongly used items fitted to a vehicle.


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Can't remember the last time I saw hazards used in appropriately.

But neither can I remember the last day I didn't say to myself at least once... "Indicators not working then - or did the switch seized from lack of use?"

No indicators generally means... I'm not turning. Seems funny to me how many times a day drivers say... I'm not turning and then.. Do just that. No wonder there are so many accidents. When indicating seems to be optional.

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Can't remember the last time I saw hazards used in appropriately.



I see it every day cars parked up on double yellow lines with hazards on. Taxis parked up anywhere they like with them on. Cars parked on bends or next to junctions with them on. In fact anywhere where its illegal to park people will park and use them like it makes it ok. I have had cars just stop in the road and put their hazards on while the driver stops to pick a passenger up with no thought for anyone else as they have their hazards on so its OK.

Its rarer to see them used properly.

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Maybe I don't notice these things, because they have no actual impact on my rides.

If they're parked somewhere daft with the hazards flashing...then it's just another plonker to avoid and ride round.

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