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South East UK weekend tour - any tips for decent roads…..??

Guest wibs3870

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Been lucky enough to tour around much of the UK over the past 3 years since giving in to the mid-life crisis and getting a bike (BMW R850R)…… most weekend trips are Wales / Scotland / Cumbria / North Yorks.

Am looking to arrange a weekend away on May with a couple of mates somewhere different……..thinking of touring around the South East of England…… East Anglia-ish. Never visited it in all my 44 years and imagine it to be a flat and fairly uninspiring place compared to the mountains, valleys and twisty roads of Wales / Scotland….. perception based on ignorance and no knowledge, don't shoot me!

Wonder if anyone can give us any idea of some decent rides in that part of the world, particularly Suffolk / Norfolk….. will be travelling down from Lancs (prob through Derbyshire / Lincs) on Friday am and we'll looking to do around 200 mile or so Fri and Sat with overnight stays in suitably cheap and beer filled establishments.

Not sports bike arse up head down types…… looking for roads ideally that are hilly / twisty / rural etc…..

Any tips re either places / roads / routes much appreciated.


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Welcome to TMBF mate.......pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the guys when you can..... 8-)

Southwold on the Suffolk coast is always worth a visit.....a quaint, old fashioned seaside place...... 8-)

But have a look at the Tags for that region on the Challenge 100 for more ideas......but I think that Fro is right, the coast has some nice roads...... 8-)

If you're looking a bit more West we're on the Cambs/Beds borders and know a few decentish roads round here.......depending on the timing we may be able to show you one or 2 of them...... 8-)

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Cheers Megawatt…….. sounds like a potential plan……. spent a bit of time around that area before when going taking the bike across to dance on the channel tunnel and love the area……. if we toured Norfolk / Suffolk before coming down your way what would you suggest is the best route of getting acres the Thames with the least amount of traffic?

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Never had a problem at the QE2 bridge on M25. Gotta pay toll on internet, but not difficult. Head down M20 to Ashford and head SW on A28 to my place in Northiam, or use jct 5 A21 to Flimwell and turn left onto A268. Can use M25 SW sector, avoiding river, depending on where you're coming from.

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