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Tax Refund?


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Hi all,

So I've been played about at work for a long time regarding my tax code after filing out a form online and a very slow process my tax code has finally been changed to the correct one it said on the letter that if any tax was due to be sent back it would on my next payday, it's been two since and nothing.

I've used the HMRC tax calculator and it says that I'm due back everything I've paid thus far.

I've tried to contact HMRC via telephone but after a p*** taking long a** generic recorded voice the recording says "sorry, all our staff our busy right now.. thankyou for calling" like I have all the credit in the world to be wasting.

Is there a faster way to claim for a tax refund than letter / wasting credit.. or is there a set date that I'd get the money back sometime in the summer?

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If you ring them and sort it, it will end up in your next wage.


Just wasted about a fiver worth of credit trying to get through, finally got to their usual ringtone before speaking to someone and credit ran out, is it better to wait?

Don't want to spend my bank account trying to get through.

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Thanks for taking the time to try and find it on my behalf.

I've walked up that street endless amounts of times for years and never noticed anything that looks even remotely government/HMRC like.. one way to kill one of my days of next week and see if I can find anything that stands out.

Other than that I'll think i'll just await the end of the tax year, couple of months away anyway?

13 Minutes on hold trying to get through to their office, absolute joke :|

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Yes I'm employed, thinking about it there was a number I was given if I had any future problems when one of my pay-checks was messed up, see if one of the managers can dig the cobwebs out and ring it up.

Thanks for the inadvertent reminder :lol:

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Is there a way to find out where my local tax office is.. google search gave me nothing but a local post office.


Your employer's tax office may not be the one most local to you. I live and work in Scotland, my tax office is in Huddersfield.

Ask your employer, or look on your payslip.

Also ask them to check they haven't had a P6 coding notice to take effect on 6th April this year.

If they have, it will likely be due to your refund and HMRC have adjusted it through next year's code. Your employer should be able to tell you what your code will be next year, from that you can tell if you're getting the refund through your normal pay.

If not, then ask your employer to chase up your refund. Any decent employer will do that for you.

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I'm still waiting to speak to either of the two main managers.. case of if and when we're both on the same shift.

The letter I received from HMRC stating how much I'm allowed to be payed each month before tax proves that I'm owed basically every penny back, the personal threshold may be above my estimated total income for the year anyway, either way.. now that I'm on the right code it's one step forward.

And I work for Marks And Spencer's.. so I'd say I'd trust them to get it together.. eventually, not their fault on the refund anyway, just need notifying and see if they can do anything for me.

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