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Training bike hire excess

Guest Eanx

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When I took my driving lessons 20 years ago, I paid my hourly rate, I drove the instructors car and if there were to be a crash, the instructor was insured to cope with it. There are 2 bike schools near me and I noticed that there is a £500 excess to pay for any damage to the bike. Is this normal? I can't help feel it will add to the pressure of learning, particularly to someone who has never ridden a bike before.

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I didn't have (or pay) and excess and I dropped the only bike without engine bars while i Was on test!!

Never heard of people being charged

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All course prices include; BIKE, fuel, insurance, helmet and riding gear.

A 25% deposit taken from your course fee is required on all non commercial bookings.

An invoice/receipt will be created for each booking & issued upon request.

A cancellation fee will apply to all courses cancelled or postponed by the client if less than the following notice is given, 7 days for A1, A2 & DAS – Cancellation fee = £150, 48hrs for CBT – Cancellation fee = up to £30

Test fees of cancelled/postponed courses will only be refunded if we are able to cancel or re-allocate the test slot.

Before course commencement all clients must sign our insurance indemnity form, thereby accepting responsibility for up to £500 excess for any damage they may cause.

All prices are based on two students per instructor, unless otherwise stated.

Should a CBT candidate need to return for additional training to complete CBT, then our standard hourly rate will apply.

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Think the school I did my DAS had a £250 excess!

Don't think is that unusual for bike schools.

Car driving maybe a little different as the car may have had dual controls plus the instructor has access to the steering wheel and hand brake and can probably bring you to stop. On the bike, you are on your own!

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Camrider's excess is £750 but they have an optional Collision Damage Waver of £12 per session. I'm currently debating whether I should pay it just in case!

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When I did mine it had a £250 excess. I threw the bike down the pad, cost me £250. It had engine bars etc... which saved me a lot of damage and well worth the money in my opinion :)

I'm just thankful it wasn't on my own bike.

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