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Rear brake light switch


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It seems every week i'm on here with a new issue..

For some reason my brake light is playing silly buggers. Front brake works fine it turns on no problem. Now the rear brake i had to REALLY push down and it just about activated, So idecided to adjust the lever position see if that fixed anything and now the light won't turn on AT ALL. To me it seems like the switch is possibly fuckered but i have no idea what else to try. Anybody got any suggestions ?

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Your switch should be adjustable - some are retained by a bolt/screw on a slider, some have a plasticy nut which you can twiddle to raise/lower the switch body (you probably need to move yours up a bit).

Follow the springy bit up from the lever and see what's up there - shouldn't be any need to move the lever itself.

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Got it working again, although still needs more adjusting as it requires a bit of a push to turn on still.. So will try that tonight.

Made a rookie error last night i left the electrics on as i adjusted so i could test the brake light... Battery died >.>

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adjust your brake pedal back to where it should be and it will come on earlier :wink:

unless your happy with the position of the pedal then just adjust the switch some more

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