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A1 or A2 license.. What Makes Better Sense?

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I have somewhat of a situation regarding what motorbike license would really make more financial sense to attempt to obtain and be better to get in the long run, I only ever commute through my town/city centre and at most use 40mph roads, no motorways, not interested in pillions, my bike is simply to get me to and from work and of course the social sunny rides.

Reason that I want a license at all is so that I don't have to complete my theory or take another CBT again, also adding a full license to my insurance policy reduces the cost a little (already phone company ahead of time and checked), also makes more sense in my mind for future insurance quotes to have obtained or held a full license for longer and hopefully would (ever so slightly) contribute to insurance quotes being less (viewed as more of a sensible rider having received the training etc).

Anyhow my original plan was to get an A2 license meaning that when I felt I had enough road experience and insurance costs allowed I would trade my 125 in and get something with more power and be happy as larry, however after a phone call to the training school I planned to go with the cost of the Module 1 and training alone has increased to £250.50 (as opposed to a maximum of £170) due to the minimum training required before being allowed to attempt the test.

The above has kind of given me a culture shock as to if the A2 would even make sense to attempt given the type of riding that I do.

My other option and the more appealing option witch is a new idea to me after not really thinking the above prices are justifiable is to take the Module 1 and Module 2 on my own 125 (lexmoto arrow) and still end up with a full license that more than meets my needs and allows me to do all the riding I require.

As far as I am aware booking the two modules when using your own bike only costs the following (correct me below if I'm wrong);

Module 1 - £15.50

Module 2 - £75

So all in all.. as it stands I think attempting both the Module 1 and Module 2 on my arrow is a considerably cheaper option and would cost less than the training and one attempt at the module 1 for the A2 would (I could have to attempts at both modules for less than the price of one attempt at module 1 for the A2).

Advantages for me personally of an A1;

- less than £100 for one attempt at both Module 1/2

- Enables me to gain a full license

- More sensible option (financially)

Any reason than gaining an A1 license and waiting until I'm 24 to get a full A license is less of a better choice as opposed to do the A2 and then A?


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Update.. I couldn't justify the prices for the Module 2 training so have gone for the cheaper option of booking a Module 1 attempt for the A1 license using my own 125 for the 31st of this month.

Best get practising.

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Are you not taking any lessons??


No, if I could afford lessons then I would of continued with my plans for the A2 as they're not all that different in overall prices.


So even if you can ride you might not pass the test..


I'd say that for now £15.50 is a small price to pay to test my skill with a chance of getting half way towards the license, doing it with my own bike that I've used through winter and had all my present riding experience on in theory will provide me with the best chance of passing.

I've watched Module 1 videos extensively both from riders and training instructors taking notes on the best way to get through each step, shoulder check constantly from what I can tell is one that goes without saying from the moment that you first turn your bike on to go into the test area.

As what you mention in regards to riding, I agree.. just because I can go out and about on the roads and ride how I see fit doesn't mean that i'm always in the correct road position etc.. depending on how the Module 1 goes I shall do as much preparation for the Module 2 as possible, watching training videos, brush up on road markings and knowledge etc.

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