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my diabites


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Some of you might remember my thread about been thirsty all the time and i got told i was type 1 diabetic.

Turns out that might not be the case.

If i injected any insulin then id hypo. Couldnt seem toget through to the nurses that it wasnt working and i wanted a second opinion. All as i got told was that my blood test says im type 1 diabetic. Tried explaining just how bad my diet was and they wouldnt listen.

So i sacked them off and stopped taking the insulin at xmas, cut the crap out of my diet and took a pee test to a diabites dr on monday.

Explained to him that i lived on supersized portions of pasta/rice/chips and a minimum of 500g a day sugar, no exercise.

He thinks i could be the 1st person hes met who could out eat the supply of insulin the body can make. But wants me to keep a eye on my sugar levels.

The best bit is i dont get a 3 year licence.

Edit* pee test came back at non diabetic levels.

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I have all but lost faith in my doctors. I have always had a reasonably healthy diet, minimal fat (don't like it), small sugar intake (don't like sweet things), apart from my wife :wink: and rarely eat red meat. Refrain from most fried foods and rarely, if every, eat fast foods.

So a couple of years ago I had a cholestrol test and result was through the roof, 6.1 mmol/L. Advised to cut down on fried foods, takeaways and red meat. No amount of talking could convince them that I don't partake in those foods. Three months later, no change in diet - well, I can't cut out what I don't eat! - cholesterol levels have come down to 3.7 mmol/L

Doctors pat themselves on the back for a great result and I am left thinking that they somehow mixed results up and some poor bugger was out there with a 6.1 mmol/L cholesterol level and risking the next report to show cause of death as myocardial infarction.

I know mistakes can happen but my gripe is most surgeries ignore patient's opinions on the assumption that they know nothing. In my case, it was an inconvenience. In your case, injecting yourself with insulin when you don't need it could have caused some problems.

Pleased you got it sorted cockercas :D

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Google was more help then any of my 'diabites team'.

Ive still got to stay on there system just incase but i was working for a dr and even he said he dosnt think im type 1.

I told them that and just got the waffling on about my results.

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Sending you away with needles to inject yourself with insulin when you dont even have diabetes sounds like a case of medical negligence to me!

You could have easily died.

Never trust anyone with the word "general" in their job title...

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I had a GP send me away several times in a row across the course of a week when I came complaining of absolutely debilitating abdominal pains - he kept saying it was just bad indigestion and it would go away! In the end I went to hospital of my own accord, and what do you know? Part of me had died and become gangrenous :shock: The good folks at the hospital said I would've had to lose a whole lot of intestine if I had come to them much later! Aaaand this is why I don't trust GPs :wink:

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