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Replacement Screen

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Hey all

So I've been waiting a while to get a new screen for the bike, and its finally time (that means she said I'm allowed). Most rides are including at least 30 minutes on dual carriageway/motorway and I'd like a bit more peace and protection.

The stock is nice if I duck right down (not exactly comfortable for longer trips, only ok if I'm not really giving it some beans for a short while) but I've fitted a big tank bag so I wont be able to get as low any more

So I've read lots, and originally I wanted an MRA vario screen with the little flap on but the reviews (well the ones not on their own website) were very average with comments that wind noise was increased even if it did cut buffering. So that's out.

I'm now torn - double bubble or touring? I'm 5'10''ish, so I think touring might be OTT (and I don't want to spoil the lines of the bike more than I have to given this is a nice day toy not a winter hack). Bonus of a double bubble is I can get away with solid black which will look nice on a black bike, if I went touring I'd want clear or light smoke as I'll be looking through it more.

Obviously this varies bike to bike and rider to rider, but generally speaking what are your experiences? Have you had a DB on your bike and did it help? I mean they look so small, does it really make that much of a difference? Has anyone had one of the larger touring screen fitted?

Just to pre-empt BMW Dave (AKA DAD), those with BMW tourers, electrically adjustable screens and sarcastic comments can bugger off :booty:

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Yep the double bubbles work.

I had the same problem. Huge tank bag means I can't duck down behind the stock screen so I fitted a power bronze DB screen which works a treat.

Theres a thread on here somewhere about it.

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A double bubble worked a treat on the tl

But this V stream I have on the fjr is like a barn door it stops everything! Especially when you adjust it to the full up position with the switch on the handlebars :P

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Hmmm. Torn! Think a touring screen will be better and with soft panniers and tank bag it won't look THAT silly. But db will look nicer when I'm out for a blast.

Cheers for the links

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Ordered a power bronze db last night. Got an email from parcel force at lunchtime today telling me it had been picked up and was on its way!

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new screen arrived and fitted. took at least ooo 4 minutes? Has come with some plastic tubing, no idea what thats for. Presume behind the clocks but bike already has some.

Did a highly technical 'perch next to bike as if riding' (no seat atm) and see what it looks like...should be miles better. Really didnt look like it would be any different until it was actually on the bike. So happy, as when came out of the box I was a bit like, uh oh, this was a bad purchase.

old screen 211538563_2015-03-1719_04_11.thumb.jpg.24e627b585fa1c1c3fc3c94c734c55c1.jpg


new screen 1294706982_2015-03-1719_12_13.thumb.jpg.6744cd441e46f7235557f351b41a05f2.jpg

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the tubing goes on the top edge of the screen


Thats what I thought


and likes to fly off at speed


Thats also what I thought (hence thought what a stupid idea to put a tube round the edge it must be for something else)


file it under B1N :wink:


Worse, I filed it under 'toolbox draw full of spare screws and ikea keys'

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