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In the process of tidying up the bandit a little before I go to sell.

Last weekend I went out, and when I hit my second reserve of the day it started bogging down a little, put some more fuel in, fuel tap to on and it runs fine.

Just given it a service since the problem developed, new air filter, new plugs, oil and oil filter, there's no inline fuel filter fitted.

I took the fuel tap off the tank when I had it off to get to the airbox. I put a finger over the vacuum tap, and blew down the main fuel tap with the tap in the reserve position, a load of jelly like crap came out, all over my face. After this though I could blow through it freely.

all back together, went for a ride, switched to reserve after 30 seconds starts bogging down again, back on to on, as soon as the fuel gets through it starts running fine.

Should I rebuild the fuel tap? New seals? if it was carbs or anything surely it would run crap all the time, not just on reserve?

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Well, stripped it down today, the actual tap side looked ok, put the tap on prime and can blow through it with some considerable force, so I'm confident theres no blockages, the fuel tap head came off and confirmed this.

The only thing that looks a little past its sell by date its the diaphragm. It's not pierced in any place it just looks aged, so I've ordered a new one, not sure why it would effect reserve only though. Surely it would run naff all the time.

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I have a reserve on my bandit??? Learn something new everyday. I have this bogging down problem when the tank is low. But I only ever used on or off not the reserve. Makes me think I should know more about this area.

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did you remove the fuel tap from the tank Gaz?

they normally have two pick ups

a lower one for the reserve and this could be where the blockage is on the actual pick up and not in the tap!

skiffer that could be your problem that you are going on to reserve although normally the bike will cough fart and stop

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Inadvertently solved it.

Must have nipped a seal when putting it back together yesterday, noticed it weeping petrol from the tap when it was in situ.

Seal kit doesn't arrive till Wednesday, so I decided to strip the tank, offered the neighbour the petrol that wouldn't fit in my Jerry can, as I didn't fancy leaving a tank full of juice in the house.

After filling the Jerry can I used some old 2 litre bottles to transfer the juice into the neighbours car, that's how it came out, so clearly that's sitting in the tank enough so that I can take the good stuff off the top when the tap is on, and when it's on reserve its pulling the crap from the bottom through, hence it running shite.

I'll put the tank back together on Wednesday, fresh fuel and see if the carbs have a drain on them I can use in case any of that shit is in the float bowls.

Must have been building up for some time, weird how it's only just become an issue? The seal round the filler cap appears ok?

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