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New Bike, new pride, cosmetic tips?


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Hi Guys,

After owning this SV650 for 2 months now, I am finding myself wanting to bring it's looks back. It's not in bad condition to start with for a 16 year old bike, but could be better. (Will post pictures below)

Since getting it, I clean it and polish and wax it every few weeks to maintain its shine, and water resistance on the paintwork.

However, since it is a 16 year old bike, I feel that the paint is not at the quality/standard it was at when it was new, I'm not sure weather the paint on the plastic fairings should appear darker than the paint on the metal tank, though i would expect some difference, the tank paint looks so much more shiny and metallic in comparison to the fairing paint.(is this how it should be?)

I think the paint is Metallic light Jay blue.

My only option would seem to be getting it resprayed, but this would cost a lot of £'s which I cannot justify for just bringing back some metallic and wet shine.

I also have some small areas where paint has worn/bubbled slightly on the plastic. and an area on the tank (Maybe 1 Sq.in) where is is showing bare metal.

To ensure this post isn't long here are some quick things I'd like to improve:

Engine Paint has peeled in some places (Not a lot) (don't want to powder coat due to £'s) Touchup?

Some Nuts/bolts are rusty e.g. faring,frame,disc bolts.

Top yoke brushed metal finish has corroded slightly. (No rust)

Fairing/tank paint as explained above

front fork metal finish slightly corroded (No rust)

So that is my list.

Now I don't expect anyone to guide me on each one, but I would greatly appreciate any advice you have to offer on any of these.

I do not have specialist tools but plan to purchase some over time.

I do not have any experience in any bike cosmetic restoration, however, I am a guy who prefers to learn how to do it rather than just pay someone else to do it for me and not learn.

I am sure many of you understand this proud feeling and wanting to make a bike look its best, and the frustrations in not knowing where to start, and not having the right tools or £'s.

I am also planning to get a blue Double bubble windscreen, new clutch/brake levers to improve looks.

Here are two high-res photos I took after a clean and polish and wax.



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I looks really tidy in the photo's.

It's great that you are keeping her clean and tidy, but if it were me, then I wouldn't be throwing money at an older bike. You could save the money that you would spend on a re spray and go for a newer bike in a year or two.

If you plan on this being a keeper, then spend the money, but if not I would just carry on looking after her as you are, bank the cash and upgrade in a year or two.

Invest in some ACF50 and that will protect all your nuts and bolts. If the paint work really is bothering you then invest in an electric polishing wheel (can't remember what you call them) and get some proper paint cleaner, Polish and wax and that should bring the colour back. Maguire's brand is good.

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Using some paint restorer on the plastics might bring them back up........I used Autoglym paint restorer on one of my bikes and it came back up ok.

You'd need high temp paint on the engine......and if your engine is black you've got plenty of choice.......PJ1 or Simoniz engine paint should do the trick...... 8-)

Use a rubhing block or similar on the top yoke and then clear laquer it when it's all shiny to protect the finish...... 8-)

Find out the size of the corroded bolts and replace them with some Stainless steel ones...... :wink:

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