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Stop switch keeps blowing fuses


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I have an Italjet F50 and bought a new stop switch for the right hand lever, it works OK when it is in my hand but when I screw it into the hole on the brake lever I get a spark and the fuse pops. This happens with the old switch too, is this a bad earth problem? if so where do you start to look? the problem came from nowhere ive done no changes to the bike other than remove the stop switch then suddenly I get a spark when I try to screw it back on.

I have a multimeter but not entirely sure what to check, the readings I get from the stop switch wires is 12.16 volts so seems like the wires are healthy but is there anything else I should check? thanks guys.

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Yeah, check the contacts/connectors aren't touching anything - a bit of tape round them would do some good. It could also be a frayed wire somewhere or other...

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